Business Process Enginerd

by Creative Mind Frame

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Random assortment of songs I've made this year


released August 30, 2014

Tyler Boyco on the album art!



all rights reserved


Creative Mind Frame Dallas, Texas

Ex Track & Field All American - Business Process Engineer - Nerdcore Rapper - Jazz Musician


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Track Name: 1-UP - We Don't Need No Stinking Story Line (Prod by Stay Genki)
Board Committee : Alright! With this new graphics card we installed in the system... we can up a graphics by 16 X

1-UP : Well... why don't we spend a little bit of time developing the story line?

Board : Story line!?!? Are you out of your mind kid?!?! GET OUT OF HERE!
(Must be crazy, that's the new guy)

Verse 1:

First consoles I ever rocked SNES and had a Sega, Before I was slashing the beats I was slashing around as Vega
I was rocking all day with these 16 bit heroes, when I picked up any cartridge there was rarely any fear though
Grabbed me from the start with an opening prologue, You like stories inside of your stories? Yo Dawg
Companies act like greedy goblins, they trynna rob me bro, You’ll never stop me, from playing Pocky and Rocky though
You know you’re out of luck, you better Bauer up, I started with these throwing cards then paired them with my power ups
I’m heating up, scratch that, I be on fire! End your career with that NBA Jam super dunk - RETIRED
When I need escapes, man I never had to go far, switching up the games faster than weapons playing Gunstar
Instead of screwing up, then playing blame games, we should take a queue from comix zone get on the same page


Gimme 8 Bits, Gimme 16, Gimme 8 Bits, Gimme 16
The graphics of your game shouldn't offset all your storyline
I need a coup d'état take back real games and make the story mine
Gimme 8 Bits, Gimme 16, Gimme 8 Bits, Gimme 16
I'm the best kid, I've been tested, I coming and dropping these lyrics on tracks you fools get Megaman X'ed kid

Verse 2:
Let’s do a Scorpion and try bring it back, what you think of that? (i)graphics are nice but trim the fat!
Just nostalgic for when games went HAM son, Damn son! It’s like some game developers straight sold their souls to Tseng Tsung
I’ll have em feeling my message just like I’m John Locke, and get em thinking more bout the path they take (do a Barrel roll!) Star Fox
Visuals cover a lot, and while you’re fooling most, Get some skin in the game! Act like it's Ghouls and Ghosts
A game for the graphics bro you’ll never see me buy that, and I keep my characters swag higher than an Airwing soaring Lylat
Put em at peace, see which company faltered least, when it’s time to power up these games just like an Altered Beast (POWER UP!)
Give me battle toads, give me streets of rage, Y-y-you’re breaking my balls here.. Johnny Cage
I hate this money game man I don’t hate the players, but I’ll say Halo and xbox did it right when they did team slayer

Hook x 1

Verse 3:
Every time I write a song, it’s just depends on how I’m feeling son, I morph my styleee so good you think I was a Chameleon
Mario he sends this crap up to where the heavens are, I’d call it more than just The Legend of the Seven Stars
Games getting gassed up so I need to give em Beano, No substance all dolled up like they Geno
Planet Mobius, just throw me on it, first played when I was six and at the age of 26, yeah I still love playing Sonic
Get fast with a dash of class, causing chaos like these emeralds no 3d Blast
Take a breather to fill my heart up so I can make this last, you think that I was gonna forget a link to the past?
Indie developers go give us all that you have, and I will reach into my pockets and give you all of my cash
my video games, please give them back their story lines, that was 1-UP’s attempt to go and make the story mine

Board : NO NO NO! You have it allll wrong! We invest all of our time and money into making the game look pretty!

1-UP : Ok well... I quit!

Pz out Napoleon.
Track Name: 1-UP - One Man Army (Kage Bunshin No Jutsu)
"Shout out to the Otaku King... my dude Richie Branson"

Verse 1:

Richie Branson, you knew it couldn’t hurt, fans going super saiyan on your beats, doin work
The ot-a-ku king, it’ll be nice to see what the other fans of otaku bring
1-Up running in, busting in bringing light, digital gangsta champion, no Digivice
When they creeping up, don’t let em get hope, I wrote their end before they even started... Death Note
I’m a nerd, so got cash straight dollars, and if you wanna watch anime girl you can holla
I got a trick have a look at this I spit so hot about dough it turned my dollars to a bowl of cookie crisp!!! (Caoookkkiiee Crissspp!)
Surprised I’m your father like Trunks... Vader, I do in a day, what you do in a year, no hyperbolic time chamber
Call me Tenchi, this ain’t no joke though - I’m kinda shy but I’m pulling girls like Ryoko


You hate anime? Oh you hard dude? Watch it and Accelerate your world - Haru
You talk a lot of steam, return to sender, I’ll stop all that noise, now that’s your last Airbender
If you wanna stress me, dude you’re gonna test me, I'll haunt you in the afterlife my name is Urameshi
Before you know it... you’re spirits gone, send you to the land of the Kais (BOOM!) spirit bomb

Verse 2:

You might nod your head off, I forgot to mention, that I slay beats and kill lines.. Rurouni kenshin
You won’t stop me, so just stop please, at the end you will rock me when I hit you with this Haki
Monkey D Luffy the way you see me stamping them, you’re just usopp taking glory after camping em
Guilty.. took the crown, no weaponry, attack like a titan save the world no weapons see?
I’ll always come back... regeneration, Anime and rap fans? That’s my generation
Transform to a giant, and put you in a stooper, then transform once more, hold up… Suuuuppeeeerrr!!!
Franky the tank see - that dude is a man’s guy, full metal out hollow inside... Bankai
Ichigo bringing sword art, hit you DK, don’t need ness I’ll still kill you... PK

You hate anime, you hard dude? Watch it and accelerate your world - Haru
Before I was a kid and I ran around plaiyn man, now I am a grown man, Gohan - just saiyan man
If you wanna stress me, dude you’re gonna test me, I'll haunt you in the afterlife my name was Urameshi
This real talk, no fairy tail I got you, chowing on my own fire bars - Natsu

Verse 3:

You want my Wing Zero high on kush you gotta, be I'll blast your ass Treize Khushrenada
You don’t like way a life ninja? blow me, you’re only half the man I am, heh tobi
You're a snake orocimaru, changing sides who knew, I am my own army Kage Bunshin No Jutsu
When to comes to getting glory I’m always down for sharing man, I see through your fake ass busta - Sharingan
Burnin up tracks I’m Recca shooting flames, All the rage trynna be a legend like the pervy sage
I can tell, you better watch it dude, Psycho Pass on your ass - you better watch your hue
You say you got suspicion? but we know, I got hyperintiution... Vongola, primo
Brute like Rin, but better start getting wise, or else you’ll feel really blue when you get exorcised
Track Name: 1-UP - Intellirap 2 (Prod by DJ Robo Rob)
Once again I had to do it… It’s that time where I’m gonna get the complaints.
You’re song is too hard to follow. I need a calculus book just to listen to your songs…


Verse 1:
All these other rap songs should be slain, and replaced with some logic but they'd never get played
My style might bash it... but like everything else it'll come back around like coke classic
Bringing rap and smarts together like a chemical bond, just because you sample games you ain’t credible naww
This ain’t nothing new you better open your eyes, they dumbing down our brains.. no element of surprise
We able, to combat all these fables, stop trusting buzz feed over the period table
So I say stop… the he say, she say, and I refuse to keep it basic on this track like high PH
Acting all confused it ain’t 3 A.D - This is dope ass science like it's THC
When I rap about smart stuff I go hard, giving knowledge out for free like neutron no charge

Intellirap yo I had to bring it back, and hit these rappers in the sack
Don’t blame me, don’t call me lame b, just trynna punch them in their brains see?
If you ain’t careful, well who knows, might erase your brain off the map like pluto
Yo, it’s so sick the way I’m spewing it, Intellirap 2 just watch me do it kid

Verse 2:
Add another verse, the more the merrier, I wrote this song so fast it boomed and broke the sonic barrier (sonic boom!)
This one dude tried to diss me and the was from a weak cat, His voice was so lifeless I thought that he rapped in g flat!
And I know this ain’t something he ain’t used to, just trying to clear out the crap and the minutia
Let me point out one thing that is the worst, People sharing articles like they did the research
Check the levels, bro we are the best, if you causing treble, I’ll sock you in your clef
If you try to cause me problems, keep traveling right, with trouble baggage I’m a photon I be traveling light
I’ll debate all day and if you won’t have it, Once again take yourself off to the side just like a tangent
and I don’t play around with cane, I ain't got a limp son, I’m a nerdcore rapper bro I chill and watch the Simpsons

Hook x 1

Verse 3:
Not my job to teach these peeps how to act right, you couldn’t emulate me in a carbon half life
Keep trying kid, it’s so primative, thinking backwards like an anti derivative
I use corny pick up lines on girls who are fine, try different angles on these ladies like what’s your sine
And some people tell me I’m double whack, but she told me she wants the E double flat
Oh you mocking me... Acting like I’m not moving forward.. but I be at terminal velocity
What’s that I hear? It’s my victory calling! Better get Russian, no time for Stalin
Now they say your boy’s Creative it’s all up in the Mind Frame, getting songs stuck up in your head just like a migrane
decrescendo all your trash talk shut your yaps, or else I’ll Terminate you I’ll be Bach

Hook x 1

Did you? Did you hear? I-I Don’t know do you have a book? What is he talking about… “I’ll be Bach”
I’m done I’m not listening to this anymore…

Where’s that buzz feed site?
Track Name: 1-UP - My Perfect Valentine (Prod by Raisi K)

Once I find the right lady, I’ll always be sweeter, she could be my valentine - honk honk… skeeter
It'd be great to be an star, getting fame and girls, but even greater doing things that possibly change the world
And don’t get me wrong, I'd love her pretty pretty eyes, throw in a pretty brain pair that up some really pretty thighs
We could link up and see how far we go, cardio, I’ll tear down castles for you girl, it’s just a me... Mario
Have my master p yelling out like oweeee, yes I just yabba dabba did - scoobie
Serve it up love, tennis match bringing heat, a "gentle man" in the streets and and a gentleman in the sheets
Then every morning passing, I’d hit her with the best text, don't stress test, or else I’ll have to turn her into my next ex
The first step to loving the world is learn to love yourself, always try that first fore trynna love somebody else

Hook x 2:
It’s V day - the day for showing your heart, for the couples, and even ones that apart
1-UP he ain’t angry that he’s single, You know... that’s just an extra chance to mingle

She’d like long walks on the beach, but she'd really like nintendo, And when she said that “I’d be like girl where you been though?”
Then I would show up at her front door, you know with chocolates and the flowers, Probably roses too, you know mario fire powers
Player number 2, the next part would be better yet, she'll walk across the room, and play up on my clarinet
Get your mind out the gutter, Here’s a second chance,
Clarinet the wood wind, they always said bands would make her dance
Doesn’t mean I ain’t down to bring her out to play, but a gentleman wouldn’t kiss and tell even after parting ways
Always hanging around, you know she down to clown, and if she like me too you know that she down for brown

Track Name: 1-UP - Gold Digger (Clash of Clans)
Boostin my mines make me a gold digger, raid your clan call me a gold ripper, freeze spell bring a cold shiver, Dark King caz I’m a cold killer
My cannon shots gonna bring you down, Hidden tesla what you gone do now?
My clan yeah you we run the town, Got my dark queen go and bring the crown

Verse 1:
Started with a little bitty town hall level one, cannon building up killing goblins level done
Elixir and that gold storage yep fill her up, built Rome in a day, maxed out my builders huts
Harry Potter with attacks the way my wizards cause your fall, Aaron Burr of defense dropping Hamiltons all on my walls
Town Hall 7 got me looking for the dark, elixir... like a junkie roaming who is through the park
And If you having clan problems I feel bad for you son I got 99 problems but my clan ain’t one
You gone learn today, that’s our killer clan, won 75 to nothing, we some killers man
No air D? your place get owned, dragon replay like you watching Game of Thrones
Steady getting jewels like a gem box, them? Not couldn’t crack it open like they playing with a fembot

Hook x 1
Clear the room, better fear your tomb, going off like a giant bomb here… kaboom!
Barricades level seven, gotta build them hurdles up, Call me Dave Chappelle because you know I’m about that purple stuff
Saw you got that upgrade, no hate here I feel ya bruh, would have done the same but I need a mil a million
Time to let em know start another war lets go! cross another clan off the list like an x-bow
Troops take flight, wingardium leviosa, drinking purple drank like it’s Sunday with mimosas
Said it once before it’s my clan you gone learn though, burn up your troops with any tower infeernnoooo!
Now you’re green with envy so I call you sage, Like a... spell factory I’m all the rage
Your village gets an upgrade just off of my oratory, If not I’m going “dee dee get out of my laboratory”

Hook x 1
Track Name: 1-UP - Once You Go Jack You Never Go Back (24 Prod By Creative Mind Frame)
Listen so, people are always like who would call in a life or death situation? For me the choice is obvious... Superman? Nawww, Ghost busters? Close.

Jack Bauer

Yo, so it’s time to bring the power, every minute of every hour... with skills like Jack Bauer
First off they talking like they know me, heh you peeps can blow me while I hack your face away - yeah call me chloe
I got no trust for no one the government is always phony, Only trusting in my homies bring em back to life like Tony
CTU you got beef and yeah we'll make you brew, in a stew of your own blood without a damn clue
If you try and hold me captive, I might wanna warn you, transform your face to 31 different states California
Crack you up like meth, and while you trying to catch you breath, already got a plan to fake you out... like Palmer’s death
Always on a roll, catching moles.. got em! Nina Meyers, when it’s down to the wire I’m the dude that’s always hired
Not friday but I slice em like Jason, to death George Mason, CTU will just replace him
"Guess what ladies and gents... JACK IS BACK!"

Hook x 2:
If I’m on your tail, yeah there ain’t no slack
Caz once you go Jack yeah you never go back
Bringing more explosions, heh than Michael Bay
24 Hours, is all I need to save the Day
"I'm federal agent Jack Bauer... and this? Is the longest day of my life"

Now my quests will have you hooked every week like a whacked junky, trying to stay undercover with addiction but you flunked G!
I hope all these words I’m spittin will go viral, if not? I’ll know that jack disposed em like X-Files
All these plot twists, and scandals you gotta burry, crazy people all around yeah I’m talking Sherry
Always steady ready in case my plans be foiled, steady chasing tail... but these hoes ain’t loyal
Try to put me down now I’m rollin with homie Heller, moving in silence out of sight like Hellen Keller
Habib we want to know what you mean to be, they pleading please, don’t burn it up don’t need degrees!
Yo... Bringing terror from the sky to the floors, Audrey will testify that when it Raines it pours
Role reversal Switch! Palmer got my back, narrow escape this time, Jack slipping through cracks

"That man has more lives than a cat!"

First off.. I really couldn’t stand Charles Logan, should have fiercely hit his face and finished with a Hadoken (HADOKEN!)
Cracking skulls is a no brainer, unless you’re tamer than Jack which means that you sir are also lamer
It don’t matter where you went though, I’ll track you and leave you bleeding out like Dimitri Gredenko
Don’t worry you dude ain’t trynna mock you, but I’ll sock you and have you on the run, heh just like Dubaku
It’s not the life that I chose bruh, but if step up in my face you will have to be disposed of
Betrayed with more stealth than the freaking Alcheida, trusting no one, not even Tony Almeida
Another mole found, another mole dead, When I say Dana Walsh - You say "off with the mole’s head!!"
If I’m on my own, or with a stealth team black ops, I’ll keep these dudes on ice take em out like a slap shot

Hook X 2:

Witty Banter.