I LOVE THE 90s! (And 80s and 2000s a little too)

by Creative Mind Frame

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Aaron Rodriguez (@ProtoBusterSwrd)
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Aaron Rodriguez (@ProtoBusterSwrd) Shoutout to my friend 1-UP! I gotten this album when I ordered his N3S comic book. Needless to say that I wasn't disappointed with his repertoire of subjects to rap about from the '80s and '90s and '00s. Rap on, Creative Mind Frame! Rap. On. Favorite track: 1-UP - 100 Super Jumps (Mario RPG).
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This album is dedicated to those of us who grew up in the 90s when life was fun, music and television was about the story you could paint and not your special effects budget.

The physical CD has 20 tracks so catch me at a show and grab one!


released January 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Creative Mind Frame Dallas, Texas

Ex Track & Field All American - Business Process Engineer - Nerdcore Rapper - Jazz Musician


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Track Name: 1-UP - RPG Legend (Ft MC Ohm-I)
"So it was my weakness, Sephiroth's strong will... and the Mako... that made made me who I am today" (Final Fantasy 7 : PS1)

Starting off a mercenary for hire, I’m the supplier of attacks and spells that make you retire
Cash raking, can’t take it I ain’t having that they try to battle back I leave em cracked up like an AVALANCHE
Calling over summons that come around when I need 'em, gold Chocobos come for greens when I feed 'em
Menu (click) magic (click) fire (click) fever (click), my character’s always cool and fly call me Shiva
Shinra crashing plates, them dudes they made the metal bend, stealing the Mako they think they Yuffie better check again
I'll bust ya spine, like that dude Vincent Valentine, kill em with my rhyme cast a slow you better take your time
Sephiroth yeah he had some lofty aspirations, but I’m a hero my life never ends that’s regeneration
Coming and dropping the curtains like a Dark Knight here’s a round, of shots to the chest is a pretty effective spell is what I found

RPG Heroes blowing up reactors, try to copy multiply bro you ain't a factor
If that's the case I ain't fearing ya I ain't hearing ya no time for talk (MUTE) that's my materia
May be in the slums dog but I'm a millionaire, a bunch of Ill Gill and a mansion with a cryptic lair
See a desire, for you to call me liar, I'm not all there it's an Illusion of Gaia
They don't get it don't understand why I play, RPG's the roadmap to my heart just like a keyblade
Jenova ain't with this, she really couldn't take this and at the end found out that she was faker than a Cait Sith
Take a shot better yet go try and stab it, pulled the Chronno Trigger shot you down there you have it
We're like a side quest better yet a side win a blast up in the air, like a Cid Highwind

MC Ohm-I:
I live my life like an RPG for a slight thrill, adding digits to raise statistics and to level my skill
I will master all the abilities and time will prove that I'm the true hero of the land standing on high hills
Job change to mage and find the inner rage that's hiding in a cage, so my mind will engage
The obstacles in my way that try to put me under, while I'm casting earthquake, aqua, fire and thunder
I wonder as I cross the plains the of this terrain, if my brain's seeing this life as more than just a game
Can't explain but as I spit on this beat with rhymes it feels like I'm the Cloud who was raised in Niebelheim
Or maybe I'm Sora from Kingdom Hearts and the plots gets twisted so I turn into a Nobody like Roxas
But the point is the way that I live my life isn't hard to see, it's arguably the clear manifestation of an RPG

"That star piece belongs to everyone... you can't keep it!" (Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars : SNES)

You ain’t speak my language, I’m asking hablo? Kill em off and bring em back to life just like Diablo
Level up, bringing spells up, watch you fail 'cuh, if you make it rain I’ll make it hail bruh
And I’ll leave you all triple hexed, triple vexed, three strikes and out like I hit you with the triple X
When it comes to battle, you can’t stop me, I’m cutting down enemies like I'm Brave Fencer Musashi
I keep the perfect trait balance, like a see saw, rewind and do it back time travel… Epoch
No use in biting no need to be fighting, you’ll never see me strike twice flashing like I'm Lightning
Fighting till the end, no matter how much grit it takes, almost beat me down now watch me come back with a limit break
Omnislash em once but I leave em with the seven scars Raining from the sky like the Legend of the Seven Stars
Track Name: 1-UP - 8 Bit Hero (Produced by StayGenki)
Verse 1:

First consoles I ever rocked SNES and had a Sega, Before I was slashing the beats I was slashing around as Vega
I was rocking all day with these 16 bit heroes, when I picked up any cartridge there was rarely any fear though
Grabbed me from the start with an opening prologue, You like stories inside of your stories? Yo Dawg
Companies act like greedy goblins, they trynna rob me bro, You’ll never stop me, from playing Pocky and Rocky though
You know you’re out of luck, you better Bauer up, I started with these throwing cards then paired them with my power ups
I’m heating up, scratch that, I be on fire! End your career with that NBA Jam super dunk - RETIRED
When I need escapes, man I never had to go far, switching up the games faster than weapons playing Gunstar
Instead of screwing up, then playing blame games, we should take a queue from comix zone get on the same page


Gimme 8 Bits, Gimme 16, Gimme 8 Bits, Gimme 16
The graphics of your game shouldn't offset all your storyline
I need a coup d'état take back real games and make the story mine
Gimme 8 Bits, Gimme 16, Gimme 8 Bits, Gimme 16
I'm the best kid, I've been tested, I coming and dropping these lyrics on tracks you fools get Megaman X'ed kid

Verse 2:
Let’s do a Scorpion and try bring it back, what you think of that? (i)graphics are nice but trim the fat!
Just nostalgic for when games went HAM son, Damn son! It’s like some game developers straight sold their souls to Tseng Tsung
I’ll have em feeling my message just like I’m John Locke, and get em thinking more bout the path they take (do a Barrel roll!) Star Fox
Visuals cover a lot, and while you’re fooling most, Get some skin in the game! Act like it's Ghouls and Ghosts
A game for the graphics bro you’ll never see me buy that, and I keep my characters swag higher than an Airwing soaring Lylat
Put em at peace, see which company faltered least, when it’s time to power up these games just like an Altered Beast (POWER UP!)
Give me battle toads, give me streets of rage, Y-y-you’re breaking my balls here.. Johnny Cage
I hate this money game man I don’t hate the players, but I’ll say Halo and xbox did it right when they did team slayer

Hook x 1

Verse 3:
Every time I write a song, it’s just depends on how I’m feeling son, I morph my styleee so good you think I was a Chameleon
Mario he sends this crap up to where the heavens are, I’d call it more than just The Legend of the Seven Stars
Games getting gassed up so I need to give em Beano, No substance all dolled up like they Geno
Planet Mobius, just throw me on it, first played when I was six and at the age of 26, yeah I still love playing Sonic
Get fast with a dash of class, causing chaos like these emeralds no 3d Blast
Take a breather to fill my heart up so I can make this last, you think that I was gonna forget a link to the past?
Indie developers go give us all that you have, and I will reach into my pockets and give you all of my cash
my video games, please give them back their story lines, that was 1-UP’s attempt to go and make the story mine

Board : NO NO NO! You have it allll wrong! We invest all of our time and money into making the game look pretty!

1-UP : Ok well... I quit!

Pz out Napoleon.
Track Name: 1-UP - Mario Kart (Karting the Rhyme Ft Kadesh Flow)

I was probably like five when I first started wheeling, I won my first gold I was overwhelmed with a feeling
This game is still the same, and it’s never gotten lame, insane 20 years have passed and karting is still flame
I don’t need an item box, but when I get it keep my items locked, on your kart red shell or better yet here comes a lightning shock
Pound 'em like a hashtag, for the win, running through the race so fast they call me Kyle McGinn
If we’re going old school then guess I’m rocking DK, power slide the whole time I am killing em the beast way
Yeah I’m on that boast mode… before you face me... you’re gonna have to beat my ghost mode
I only say it that way, caz you’ll never really beat me, So sick like the doctor gave me one hundred and fifty CCs
Of (i)Mushroom power, this has to be a joke yo, you’re (i)slower than the rocks on the island made of choco

3…2….1….Go, it’s time for me to go go go goooo
1…2….3 Balloons! Burst your bubble real fast you’re heading for your doom!
3…2….1…. GET EMMM, Picked up a shell so it’s time for me to wreck em
Hit a R to hop and an L to glide on that Mario kart I am a beast with the power slide

Kadesh Flow:

I'm not trying to be rude man, but this is not a game I normally play with dudes man
Mario Kart is something reserved for the ladies, Seems like every time they learn that I'm a gamer they want to play me
But since you extended the invitation I'll take it, I want power so it's always with Donkey Kong I'm racing
I pick him because as soon as the announcer saying go, I can run you over with a timely double tap of a fo sho
Honestly I can't even front like I'm the best at this, I only got decent recently just to beat my ex at this
Caz when she wins I hear about it forever, funny story we just beat Diddy Kong Racing together
But my bad I digress, I lose way too much, I slow down caz I overuse breaks and such
I'm so conscious of the curves when the race is getting close, Till I grab the star power and I jump ahead of folks

Hook x 1

26 years old and the series still is the best, I had to pick up a copy of seven up for my DS
Pick up your sticks, it’s time to do a battle show, I’ll battle toad and any character when I'm playing battle mode
You better show up or else you’ll get towed up, either way your balloons are gonna fly... from the floor up
No guns but I’m shooting off shells like an uzi, running off at the mouth you’re about to catch a doozy
Rocking star power, now I am supa Peach, and I’m cutting all the corners if we’re racing Koopa beach
Pedal to the metal when I stomp down my feet yo, and I’m racking up the points like I’m kobe with the free throws
I remember all the rage quits, it’s like everything in a race wasagainst me I couldn’t take it
But I still stay with it burning tracks like Kadesh Flow, Mario Circuit Any Day Homie let’s go!
Track Name: 1-UP - King of the Street Fight
Verse 1:
I did this song once but I don't think you heard though, So I guess I'll do it two times... turbo
Years later still fly, I'm still winning turd, flyer than a Chun-li kick... spinning bird
Beat you down every time every way no need to list, all you need to know is you’ll be dreaming bout this dragon fist (SHORYUKEN!)
To the left, to the right, in your upper gut, won’t be saying nothing when I hit you Tiger Upper cut
Hold it down shock you like Blanka, slap you like Honda, count down started and I don't think that you wanna
Start another round caz it will always be the same, I’m the bane of your existence the way that I’m spitting Yoga Flames
I’m only like 3 but I’m pretty sure I can, beat all these fighters from the jungle to Japan
All these other kids in the room see their tomb, when I go Guile do a flash kick into a sonic boom

Street Fighter.. 2 hyper, no other fighting game, can ever get more tighter
Rocking M Bison, having you shedding tears, outspoken with Hadokens 'caz we're Down right fierce
I don’t suggest you gloss over, any of the SF and Marvel cross overs
Marvel vs Capcom 3, that game’s a must have, Magneto Rush have you yelling out curly mustache

I take the helm sometimes, I gotta man beats, this man beasts and body slams his own tracks Zangief
Trying to test that with Cammy oh no I’ll best that, I kill you off with Fei... Long before you catch that
Getting to the main stream with my main team, Ryu and Wolverine, (heh) now you’re looking lame see?
Now the time frame of this song is me in middle school, psycho crushing people like math tests, you little fools
Every skill I got will eclipse you like Luna, light feet puma but with the dark side Akuma
Doesn’t matter which one arcade or Sega, you will get slashed down every time, yo Vega
But they still pick up the sticks and they're thinking that they can beat me? Must be Dan 'caz you’re your number one fan
It’s all in the cards, (hah) the way this man spits, the only trick is that they blow up in your face Gambit

Hook x 1
Track Name: 1-UP - Golden Eye (LAN Party Classic Ft Kadesh Flow)
1-UP :

Flash back to my gaming (yep) in the 90s, Golden Eye 007 is where you’d find me
Late nights, grab the pizza bruh it’s time to get, a bunch of buddies together for some fights I won’t forget
Every single time we played, Kadesh you better run, I'm rolling round the corner and I’m packing heat... golden gun
All in, yep I’m playing for the pride, got the weekly bragging rights now I'm acting kind of snide
Straffin, sneaking, hope they see nothing, of course I can’t see, I’m using c buttons
RCP 90 now I'm getting gorier, slaying in the temple like an aztec warrior
Never will surpass me I have to let em know, You’re an agent? Real Nice but your boy right here's a double O (00)
Got me under watch, like the BBC, but they gonna implode like the KGB

Look Out! What’s that? up in the sky! It's about to a massacre yo I saw it with my golden eye
Erase you off the map, Now you’re a no show If you pick Oddjob, I’ll kill you with a low blow
Look Out! What’s that? up in the sky! It's (i)bout to a massacre yo I saw it with my golden eye
You only live twice,(YOLT) better let em have it, Double O Seven, LAN Party classic

Typically I'm mild on the FPS piece, don't talk much trash I don't want to get deep
But don't get cocky, the goal is not to push me caz when I hit it up I make you look like Octopussy
I'm staked out holding lots of goodies, got a PP7 some easy weapons like some rocket launchers with me
You can keep that Golden Gun you gotta spot to shoot me, and it's like '11 Lebron trying to block Nowitzki
Won't happen I'm so mad that you come around the corner you don't shatter and it don't matter
I'm jaws with no flaws that means when I speak, it's chrome chatter, minds explode after
The way you look won't flatter even with these old graphics
But you versus me with a cloud will reverse boredom
You may use magnums when hot cougars thirst for ya, I'll shoot you with the same thing but in reverse order (haha)

Hook x 1
Track Name: 1-UP - 100 Super Jumps (Mario RPG)
“Battle Time”

Verse 1:
Bowser couldn’t handle all the times I gave you beatings you were fiending to grab the princess again no need for cheating
One thing you didn’t anticipate seeing Smithy on his way to this world who was living as a much more evil being
Broke into our world, took the star power, broke the path of hope, all in a couple hours
Usually you would have to play a whole game for you to get this, but this all happening in like the first five minutes!
Now Mario bringing beast flows ye know, beast mode oh you know! laser beam Geno
Slap on my cap now it’s time to rush to, a bunch of different lands in the Kingdom of the Mushrooms
Get my party on do it right, meet me in the trail it’s going down Kero Sewers, Ponds to Pipe
Down to the path can’t believe my eyes, but it’s time to go on… it's Rose Way see me stomping Shy Guys

We’re on a quest, Star 1, Kero Kero Cola flow, now you’re about to be done
One jump, I’m doing fine, Dang I always slip up when I get to 99!
We’re still rolling, Star 7, Legend of these stars is what you need to be repping
If you don’t think my party’s here to cause you any danger, Ask Smithy, Boswer and every color of those Axem Rangers

Verse 2:
Here… we… go! Fighting music might be a tough pill to swallow, Mallow cries and brings the thunder, that’s a tough act to follow
Battle time throwing shells (bloop!) hah bring it back, hand it off to Princess go and finish with a super slap
Now you’re seeing haze for days, feeling crazed like you searching for a puppet in the Forest Maze
All the coins are mine! Leave with a giddy smile, Got em Euchred like their trump card’s sitting in the kitty pile
You ain’t got no MP?! you’re still a rookie, I always bring the big guns watch me summon with a Yoshi Cookie
Still mad I had to team up with the Koopa, but we gotta save the world so I guess I’ll be a troopa
Beating dudes easy like King Calamari, might as well have killed themselves, harakari
Even at the land’s end, my item stock’s handy, ran into Belome hit him with a rock candy

Hook x 1

Verse 3:
This game be the truest… RPG bonus Final Fantasy battle yeah I’m talking Culex (Hope you caught it!)
Getting high up to the land where the doves fly, now we know that Mallows is a Prince making doves cry!
Barrel volcano.. here’s a re-arranger did you not hear my hook? I already killed the Axem Rangers!!
Pay attention! Oh brother.. Luigi, even without his help I make this quest look easy
Hacking down barriers like I’m breaking down firewalls, jumping through the factory and blasting mad fireballs
Near the end (wait!) Let us take a quick pause, How you gonna make Smithy look like Santa Clause!?
And I don’t get how he’s making all these creatures, oh well they’ll be gone soon (Hahhh) Poetic Teacher
Trying to be a gangster, smelter making weapons, whatever crew he's repping it’s over now he's no longer stepping
Track Name: 1-UP - Bart Scott (For All The non Believers)
"Everyone get’s that one track"

Verse 1:
My rap style fits my personality chilled out, don’t be mad caz I don’t sound like you pilled out
All these dudes are rapping like they’re in the Red Barrets, RATTA TAT TAT You rapping like you got tourettes!
Haters get squashed, you that think I’m a wanna be? I’m not even a rapper, and I am the guy you wanna be
I do this stuff for fun, while I’m steady getting bank, and I still set the bar high, better know your rank
Check again, you will not be beating me, primary example just look at our creativity
CLARIFY you CANNOT beat me - you’re master haters, You’re the only ones feeling yourself - like masturbators
Trynna talk big, take your pecks home, that won’t fly here, it’s a no flex zone
Make you rage quit, like I got hacks man, you’re just mad that you’re wiggity wiggly whack man

Before you can stop me, I hope you realize playas that first you gotta top me
Then you gotta make all my people not rock me, and if you did that, well that would really shock me
Yes I wrote these raps, and yes I made this beat duhhh, 1-UP is a fusion, like Goku and Vegeta
You talking trash and you say wanna fight me, but I saw on my Facebook page, that you just liked me!

"This song is for the angry people who leave me a messages or comment telling me their music is better or I should have done x y z on my track, Because guess what, I don't careeeeee!!"

Verse 2:
I really don’t care bout what-you-say, caz you're just some hot air, a french-soufflé
Just like that your attention is back on, all I had to do was say souffle with an accent
No diss time, but I’m using this line, to let you people know that I’m not humble bragging this time
Ain’t nobody got time for that, just do it straight to the point you can’t rewind it back
The way I cut rhymes, I don’t think you’re ready, stuck up in your brain like that man Krueger Freddy
Athletically inclined, I’m known for freaking wrecking it, yes I am a nerd, but you don’t seem to getting it
I know I’m being blunt but I'm really full of goodwill - probably because growing up I was shopping up at the Goodwill
Always had me hungry, kept a clean slate, shooting for the stars can’t wait feels great

Hook x 1

"And the end of the day we are the ones spending our time creating, so remember critics… without the people who create… your words mean nothing.

But… I am good with it, bring it on… as Bart Scott would say, CAN’T WAIT FEELS GREAT!"
Track Name: 1-UP - Positivity
Go head... Take it back, back to the day when,
the boys and the girls in the band they could be friends.
Bills and stress? Don’t get it, no comprende what I’m trying to say don’t let it slip away
Grinding in an office all for the bucks, sales, it’s kind of tough, stale, think back to Duck Tales
Here’s a time, when you should take it back, let your mind loose Animaniacs

Verse 1:
Wake up, time for imagination, colors on the screen that’s my favorite! Those some animations
A bit different, from what we do now, wake up looking at the Dow trying to get our cash cow (Ca-Ching!)
Kids call you strange, they wanna call you weird, using all them fighting words like Scorpion GET OVER HERE!
Figure out and engineered, like a mechanism, Don’t let people see you worry then they stop messing with him
My favorite teacher, no one can ever diss her. Second grade, yeah you got it right Mrs. Fischer
She kept her positivity, it’s so hard for y’all to see, how being happy’s being free
What was Instilled in me, and what I want to be was to power up to level three and go on hold on to my empathy
Ever since then I’ve been keeping hope, stay high without needing dope, I’m kind of different.. isotope

Hook x 1

Verse 2:
As a kid no worries no one owes you favors, just wake it up and watch Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
Summer time, at the park it was my favorite part, knowing me and my friends could stay out late, after dark
No iPods making mix tapes from the dj on the radio and yeah we made our mixes great
I can hear you lying, and I can hear you stutter, you said your first kiss didn’t make your heart flutter (I can tell you're lying)
Trading cards with my rat pack with our backpacks now it’s all instagram... I'd double tap that
On the block, swapping out the games, people now just worry bout the clout and all the fame
Those are some great, memories, and yes they’re in the past, they’re the only thing that is constant that will forever last
From that, I learned to make each story mine, be the director of each and every story line

Hook x 1
Track Name: 1-UP - Blue Spark (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Time to get down to the wire, might bomb it – but I Gotta get redemption by my main man sonic
Runnin faster than the speed of sonic guile, burnin tiles, all the while burnin tails - miles
When I go super sonic, yeah it never fails- No bail, for princess this time but I’m still getting tails
battery zone, yeah you know it’s time to tustle, sonic spinnin out, english like we playin bloody knuckles

One stage he runnin flat land next thing you know it’s Hydro-city Gotta get your gamble on pullin slots that’s casino city
Special Boxes busted yeah you know you gettin speed shoes - Periodic Gold rings Chemical Zone Symbol AU
This blue dude, be to rude, runnin fast making dash leave em spinnin like they wearin too too
Start flaaashhh attack, start a dashhhh attack, a few years up, man they turn that to smashhhh attack

Sonic and knuckles I’m bout to dock it in, genesis check! Go ahead and drop it in
character select screen click! Go and lock it in, bout to do work son wait clock it in
No clue, I hope you, ain’t trynna hedge to hog the win you so blue
Assume you know the answer- soduku, before you even see the boxes rouku
Play the special stage, get some faster feet grab up fifty rings, It's a masteer piece
To be honest, the special stage I never beat it, Put the codes in the music screen, yeah I cheated
Microphone, air waves chase zone, almost the end we gone bring it home
Many many many more walls to be run up, 100 rings collected that’s me… Mr 1-UP

Pillage and rampage on planet Mobius, eggman can’t hold us down – but he tried to toby us
Robotnik trynna Cause, Choas emeralds diamonds, he ain’t nothing but a pussy cat – Hymen
Demolish camps of Swatbots, badniks, there you have it no use against these bandits
Swim too long, and everyone would would freak out, impeding death playing, hurry try to sneak out
Catch him in aquatic zone playin as a bubble eater, or speeding through greenhill zone, playin as a buzzer beater
Step up the game, grow some balls… wrecka, create an evil doppleganger sonic… mecha
Some claim beat him the first time what you’re findin, let em try mecha sonic again caz they was lyin
Dr Robo, I know you tried your best too, But you know you’re no match formy sonic hedgehog boy in blue
Track Name: 1-UP - I Love the 90s!
Verse 1:

Nerdcore…No gangsta rapper would ever rap that, Back that, 90s is on my brain... snap back
And I’m a product of those 90s, yeah, toys-r-us that place where you could find me
The yomegas, the roller blades the mountian bikes, shine bright, rockin them nikes that got them flashin lights
Make em wheep, playing for pogs for keeps, see ya tears weeks, because I’m on my winning streak
Big wheels, hot wheels, you know they floorin us, happy meals biggie size, that’s notorious
The high top fade, ..just made a come back – about the same time I wish that my hair would come back
Old times love to have it so nostalgic, with the gal kids, no malice doin robot tricks like the hal kids
The breakin, The flips, the cardboard head spins, graffiti, the boy band has beens

1st is the worst candycane cavities like I’m a pimpson, ya mind spinnin donuts, Homer Simpson
2nd is the best Scottie Pippen ….Back in the day there was nothing wrong with skippin,
…There is no contest, Third best is the Donkey kong with the hairy chest
Grown up life can be a super flop, Here’s a lil booster shot circle circle dot dot
Guess who, 1up the nerd supplier, getting caught up in a swirl of 90’s cross fire
Shine bright like I zippo, chowin on beats like my name was hungry hippos
kid to the core memorized, all the battle riffs, C4 connect four damn you sunk my battle ship
Talkin trash… that’s taboo, listen closely… you really need to get a clue

Verse 2:
Wasn’t pickin dimes up was droping nickelodeon, Guts could have used some more seasons – sodium
If you donno I can explain it all like Clarissa, salt is a seasoning, and global guts I miss ya
Grab a patty mayonnaise, good burger flip it, Ren and stimpy – they ain’t nothing but some misfits
Now we on that prime time, Green with envy slimetime, and ya boy is all that, yeah you know it’s my time
Got em sayin ahhh, like I’m real monsters, These wild and crazy kidz they some consters
It’s a mental jailman, failman, yeah we need bail man, turn time backwards – und-er-wear on quailman
Super Bowl Bills – nye the science guy, chemical reactions explosions and rockets flyin high
Great shows ain’t nothing but simple math, rooted, bring the good stuff back real shorts… salute it