Infinite Lives

by Creative Mind Frame

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This is a random mixtape with a collection of random songs that I decided I was going to re record on Sunday night at like 10 PM.

Dedicated to my best friends.
Love you guys,
06 out.


released December 2, 2013



all rights reserved


Creative Mind Frame Dallas, Texas

Ex Track & Field All American - Business Process Engineer - Nerdcore Rapper - Jazz Musician


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Track Name: 1-UP - Transitions (feat Phantastik The Phenom)
Verse 1:

Steppin to the real world, game just got real, make a bet deal or no deal | time to bite more than I can chew, like chowin down on this track like it was an endless meal

When it comes down to it you better run caz I’m the golden one, just like the golden sun | in this life you get one shot to go beast mode, like james bond shootin off the golden gun

Gotta win, gotta carry on the family name story’s all the same | I will do it like a hero – an unknown one, but I have to get a lil bit of foturne fame

From the past I take what I learn, from people who gave me burns | those lessons are what I have turned, into magnificent ways to rise and earn

Power, Respect, knowledge, money | when I start, I was nothing but an afterthought – take a look back, now ain’t karma funny

Transitions a way to transpire, to what I aspire, …when it gets to the wire, I will blow up one day all of you can continue to go and keep adding hate fuel for my fire

Your full of balogna, come back when you got some real beef stroganoff… You must feelin yourself boy… it sounds like you really feelin strokin off

My honor… that thing you’ve just offended | like a samurai I will stay sharp like a samurai now your pride I will end it


Transitions, you seem so full of wishes, hard work blood sweat tears is what this is
No matter what you think there is no other way, world will eat you up if you let it every day
Track Name: 1-UP - Super Friends (An 06 Tribute - Prod by Timian)
My friends are pretty super, yours are pretty crummy, my friends are hella smart, and you? You’re just a dummy
If you ever best us you know that is a fluker, We’ll always come and trump you at the end I’m talking Euchre

In the most random places, my aces, from the gym to the classroom to the band those my familiar faces
So I’m Bout to bust a rhyme but you I ain't no busta rhymes I can still switch the gears up take a flow double time

When I get up on the track you know I’m spitting heat, and when we get up on the other track you know that we be burnin peeps,
I’m Runnin in the hurdles make these dudes look slow like turtles and that line is always tight like some grannies in the girdles

Me and my boys ran track city chick… track city.. what? Track track city chick
Better Friends than anyone else you know that’s heaven sent, you have a good family? Well I got like 8 of them


We got a super crew, call em me super team … Yeah they are never scrubs, by any means
When people clowned us, I think no worries haters, caz look at us now – we getting paper

In the end people may not like it …. but sometimes better to go with the flow instead of atemping to come and fight it
Regardless of what they do, they always stick together, through any weather, and that’s the thing that really made them better

Put down at beginning, but you’ll find us winning, caz we always rise to fame till the fat lady’s singing
It’s not a text book, man they writing history, there’s law and order to each and every mystery

Verse 2:

"Let’s get a white boy up in this freestyle, Everyone get ready for Mikey B Style"
Placement ..advanced, we are all intelligent, Like “Hi I’m Josh Bedford, and I’m belligerent
Jon’s programing skills - they're hot like lava, but when he drinks he use pick up lines like... ”I’m great at Java"
Jimmy boxing lessons, Dome? He baked you with an Upper cut… "BOP! Yesss thank you"
“I'll always give em hell – and I be on them – "Quit losing focus!"… Man "I have a probbleemmm”
Why he angry, who did it? What’s the deal? “I hate you all so much…” "Oh wait that’s just Neil”
My dude brute force, long hair don’t care… but when he drinks he switches forms… RARE
I’m talking out my ass right now so I’ll call this butt speak, "but how am I doing on a scale from one to butt cheeks?"
I’ll spit these line for dillon I hope he isn't minding, "Mr Hatcher where’s your shoe?" “But sir I wasn’t driving!!!"
And my crew we may bop, non stop, any time Teddy sees a girl he's like "mmmmyappppp"
When Craig woke up I know he had a thankful day, when he realized it wasn’t piss we just iced his drunken ankle sprain
Time to close it out and that’s the end, of one of the many chapters of the stories of my super friends
Track Name: 1-UP - Agent K-003
Verse: 1
He said - Naw, girl… I’m single , hit my single cell, but this is business you get one chance, a single sell
Then we’ll osmosis… split! Like a single cell, then we’ll probably isolate ourselves... like a single cell

She got this blank look, like she was checks man, but he was on a mission to mix her chex man
That mind was treasure, he knows he gotta have it, that tail was pirate booty, you know he gotta grab it

A princess like peach, so he will battle bowser, then go down south park and make her rabble rouser
The codes work now they on rollin in adventure mode, alternate dimension like they’re playing batle toads

He had suspicions but never spoke up, and his biggest surprise was when he woke up
He said “that was great” she said “yeah I feel you, but I cannot lie... I have been sent here to kill you"


Who can this be, what is her identity? Assassination agent K-003
Jus last night , she could sure work it, now she’s bout to blast his head off like a blown circuit
Here’s a punch line. Here’s a filler, I guess her body wasn’t the only thing there that was a killer
Gun barrel showin, bout to pull the trigger, The beautiful ones are always deadliest... hah go figure

Verse 2:

In his mind, will I survive? Only time will tell. In the mean while get running like a Duracell
Grab his stash grab the clothes and run out the hotel, but gotta lay low caz there no telling who this ho tells

There was no alternative (no alternative) he had to get smarter than the smartest, that’s like superlatives
Out smart her plan, throw her off the lead, Trynna figure out what she might need

In his head he’s gotta stay so live, he realized he was carrying the company's secret jump drive
Was that her aim? He wasn’t sure. Time to throw the bait see if it hooks, fish lure

Set the drop point, to be emancipated, she’s a secret agent oshe had anticipated
Thought he was on the top - like the king’s throne, once again surprised when he set down his flip phone


Gun barrel to his head - empty pen, point blank, this really sucks he thought “man this is so stank”
Her hard act – he could see right through it, she was supposed to kill him, but he knew she wouldn’t do it

This has got to end, it ain’t for me she’s gunning, he tossed the jump drive and now ya boy's speed running
he’s running free, call him Foot loose - this started with a French kiss will continue onto part deux
Track Name: 1-UP - Intellirap
Verse 1 :

1-UP on the track with Intellirap with a thinking cap, yeah your brain is getting zapped
I rap about things like musical theory, calculus and physics, proper grammar do you hear me?

When they ask me how I'm doing man I tell them that I'm doing "fine" and I always use an adverb there you know... unless it has to rhyme
Some of these lines will leave your head acrobatic, I'll calculate the time it takes to fall... Kinematics

It's systematic no underlying risk derivative, definitely not systemic let's not act like we are primitive
For all the pretty ladies I'd rather not F.O.I.L you, I'd like to know what's inside of your mind before I spoil you

Eventually I'd like to get under that curvy dress, my integral reference is straight to the point like lines regressed
Take down to an even smaller scale a microcosm, Intellirap groupie? That would be freaking awesome


If you're trying to be smart then this rap is for you, a little more in depth than just 2 + 2
The peak end of this distribution, watch out Nerdcore will be a revolution
You trying to be smart then come on in, C'est le debut pour moi, mais pour tu c'est la fin
Time for an evolution find your own solution, Intellirap for the win... my absolution

Verse 2:

All you weak minded people hating on the Econ, I have two syllables for you and that's be gone
I can predict what you think without using Stata, don't need Excel (psh) I don't even need your Beta

You're not X1 or X2 I guess you'll never learn, You're not even X10 to me you're just an error term
I know my words may put you in paralysis and all it really took was a root cause analysis

I make recommendations with regressions and control charts, some of you people yeah you can't even control farts
That rhyme's a stretch my brain is really flexible, but that is quite far beyond the point (heh) decimal

You don't get it? I would say it again, don't want to contradict, I guess this is a whole 'nother language to you... Javascript
When I started writing this song it was really on a whim, everything that I spit is Intellirap... Synonym

Hook repeat
Track Name: 1-UP - The Fans Girl Fan Boy (Prod Ikonik Ashes)
I want to dedicate this song to all those fan girls out there, the ones who dedicate all of their time to perfecting their craft.

Verse 1:

All of you probably know Jessica Nigiri, but imma only reference her if need be
This song is specifically for the fan girls who be earning clout, specifically ones I have met and want to give a shout

First shout out goes out to you Kitty, cosplays on point and she is oh so pretty
If you hear this, come get a drink with me if you're in my city, this is 1-UP being witty

Let's be honest, if you want stand out, to ladies you can't be waiting for hand outs
I suppose, for y'all it's how it goes, never seen a pretty Squal till I saw it done by rose

At the cons,(yep) is where these ladies are, some cosplays coming from near and some are from afar, it isn't magic like a genie in a jar, more like a bunch of super girls (hah) krystle starr


Where my fan girls, go head and get my fan girls, that's the kind of girl I need up in my man's world
Catch my sight quick, sneak a peak at you, would you choose me caz I would choose you like a Pikachu
Where my fan girls, go head and get my fan girls, that's the kind of girl I need up in my man's world
They don't do it specifically for the fame boy, the type of girl who would come and chill and play some Game Boy

Verse 2:

When I see a Rikku cosplay I always lose my sanity, in my mind that's my real Final Fantasy
It's predictable but can't define it so it's indivisible, unequivocal though ... when a girl is miss invisible

Now beauty is skin deep and we look from within, but when a girl is Harley Quinn I'm like "for the win!"
Yeah people hate caz they think it ain't the norm, but girl go ahead and go Rogue and bring the Storm

But I gotta be careful caz it really might stun me, if I ever run into a really lovely Chun-Li
I really really love you to the moon and back luna, if you can cosplay a really great Yuna

It's the fan girls fan 1-UP, he will... always appreciate seeing you at the cons done up, if you ever see him come up, just know... he is here to bring the level of the fun up


Where my fan girls, go head and get my fan girls, that's the kind of girl I need up in my man's world
Catch my sight quick, sneak a peak at you, would you choose me caz I would choose you like a Pikachu
Where my fan girls, go head and get my fan girls, that's the kind of girl I need up in my man's world
They don't do it naw don't do it for the fame, it's for the art yeah you are a bunch of classy dames

Verse 3:

They all over each and every single nation fighting off the admiration and I gained a greater appreciation
For this art form, and when creepy swarm it's kind of a disgrace to the style like seeing art torn

Gotta come back like Revenge of the Sith up in the stars, finding secret elements like the 5th one Lhars
Being honest girl your Cat Woman's magnificent but I was blown away when I saw you play Maleficent

Hah... now I'm getting all laughy, could write a whole song about this girl Taffy
Got so many I can't even keep track girl! The favorite one I saw was when you played Bat Girl

Even had a belt with a go go gadget, you can always count on this girl to never be ratchet
That's the close of my fan girls fan, part one, part lyrical appreciation for these girls and part fun
Track Name: 1-UP - Band Geeks, Kill Streaks and Sports Freaks
Verse 1:

Some say 1-UP's a Fool, but I'm not really fearing it | back in the day, ya made fun of me and my clarinet
And I played up in that band I don't think you understand I really really love to jam because I can
Mixing jazz in rapping ain’t what you used to see, Nerdcore rap doesn't have to be negativity
Here we go - a lil back story, why I do the music, it sure ain't for the glory
Our neighbors had a complication, they made a declaration - that Sri Lanka was their final moving destination
At that point the only thing I played was video games, then they offed their piano to us my life forever changed
And it turns out it was a hidden blessing, the 6 months in 2nd grade I was forced to take piano lessons
I started skipping em, and all it took was one look, when I looked at my mom I knew I was about to get my butt wooded


You were a douche back in the day now you acting like you know me? I remember your low blow words... tuba, low key
I am a band geek a sports freak a beast on the kill streaks, get worked in smash bros... so shiek

Verse 2:

Grew up as a rug rat and now I am a grown man, somewhere in between my friends started all our own bands
Negativity towards us, will never really get far, If you talk trash I will halt you like I'm reptar
When we were around yeah some dudes they trynna clown, Kinda bass clef, you know the way they trynna bring us down
And a change happened slowly... gradual, one day I started looking kind of sharp like a natural
Some of the best moments were racing with my track team, then sprinting into the school for a concert while we flapped reeds
Running so fast my feet were looking like stocatto, then I busted out a sax because these pitches love vibrato
Putting in the miles then switching to Miles Davis, But jazz is still my favorite, don’t hate me when I say this
Music’s for the soul but some don’t know how to use it, your privileges need revoked if you trynna abuse it

Label me one thing - stick me with the band, it doesn’t matter what you call me caz you’ll never understand
You’ll never understand it caz I’ll never let you know me, this song is for the ones who do - my track and band homies

Verse 3:
Another funny story... our drummer and me we ran the hurdles, in fact he was there when I rhymed the hurdles with the turtles
If we weren’t on the track and we weren’t playing sick jams, we were probably having lan parties.. I know legit man.
Before steam brought the heat, we were already on that de_dust caz we were extra 1337
even starcraft, yeah liked to take it back, turret defense was my favorite multiplayer map
You think you got me, you’ll never really stop me, on that halo boarding action snipers riffles paired up with the shotty's
My story telling, can be quite sporadic - When I scale it down I like to touch it all - like chromatics
Don’t always know what I wanted so I improvise, all I need is a chord - and I’ll augment it’s size
I’m a dude who loves it all, call me a freaking rebel, I’m so based that I hardly get into any treble
Track Name: 1-UP - Go Green Ranger Tiger Power
Don't get it wrong, you ain't want no altercation, shout out to everyone's favorite ranger - yeah that's dedication
To be Frank... Jason David Tommy Oliver, Wrath worse than angry woman, you know there ain't no stopping her
At the age of 5, there was no better story, started out green with evil and then he rose to glory
Rita had his mind a lil muddy thinking they were buddies short while later he was smashing every single putty
No foes strong enough, when you see the power join, was still a beast, even when he had no power coin
lost his powers he was never sitting lagging bored, turned it up and then he STILL came and summoned dragonzord
Mind over matter, Mind over everything, that's just the kind of mentality that the green ranger brings
No matter how much you try you'll never go far, if you lose another fight man I'll have to call you Goldar
TIme to take the lead, and yeah he knows the line - sound out the battle cry - Yeah you know "It's Morphin Time!"

Now you catch him at the Cons Pleasing the fans
It's all for the people, JDF is the man
Discipline, Will power it's all for martial arts, Tommy is the ish dude you're just a partial fart
A zeo crystal now but before a diamond in the rough, bout 95% of children's hero... sure enough
I don't think you understand , put your hands up if growing up you were a massive Power Ranger fan

Verse 2:

At the time they were in a situation in some tight danger, what did Zordon do? He came and summoned a white ranger
when I was a little kid sitting at the TV screaming "OH MY LORD", the white ranger just busted in riding in the tiger zord
Yo he's on a roll, he's on the zone, it was too legit, when he had to go and fight his evil clone
Rita and Zed, they never learned to back out, guess they didn't realize JDF he doesn't tap out
Lord Zed, and Mondo, yeah they fled,it's all because this star power - Zeo Ranger Red!
Not too many bars left so I'll have to let it slip, shifting into turbo like a Tokyo drift
Divatox, she ain't never learn, my concern, is when Tommy's ranger time closed he choose to adjourn
But as the true hero you know they had to bring him back, didn't start T rex, but now he's dino ranger black


Now you catch him at the Cons and he's pleasing the fans
It's all for the people, JDF is the man
Discipline, Will power it's all for martial arts, Tommy is the ish, dude you're just a partial fart
Here's a lil flip, I'll toss a lil tip -subscribe to JDF's youtube page if you trynna keep it fit
And they'll call him in, when they need to reinforce, go check the trailer for Power Rangers Super Mega Force
Track Name: 1-UP - Dr Em Up (MD Luffy - Prod by CutRB)
Verse 1:

Growin up as a kid with the ace san, turned me into a hero - now I am the ace man
And yes, my brother is an ace with the fire fists, I'm the king of the pirates when I bring these fire spits

300 Million berry bounty now I'm getting clout, chest big, mighty mouse, power like the Franky house
And if you really wanna bug me, I'll cut you into pieces - freaking Buggy

Assemble my crew for sailing through the east blue, to red line to the new world huh who knew
A swordsman with the power of gorilla Goro, More swords than he got arms Zoro

My Cook Sanji what you think of this guy, he'll your face off with a kick in the blink of an eye
Every crew who wanna battle we'll have em scream and shout, caz we like Usopp the way we lie em out


Goin in we the Straw Hat Pirates, word spreading faster than a 2nd grade virus
Navy HQ they really wanna scoop me, I'll leave em doctored up - M.D Luffy
Lay the hammer down so hard they think that I'm garp, then leave em swimming with the fishes magikarp
They talking, not really trying to hear you, time to kick it up a notch - Gear 2

Verse 2:

Thought I was insane before? Hah not at all - going beast mode like Chopper eating rumble balls
And if you got the illusion that you be beatin me, I'll come and wax that tail - Mr. 3

Though this ain't no vacation in Cabo, the idea is quite nobel Sabo
Goin in to the CP9 is what you'll find, is that i'll rescue my friends every single time

Zip it up Hogback - it's ain't a hobby, Leave my mark on this place - Enies Lobby
Navy bring it up! Then Impel I will bring it down, get to level 2 before you bringing in the clowns

We're the crew I'm thinking that they might fear, Have em shake so much they thinking we was white beard
Gum Gum stamp will really have you flying man - hit you so hard you'll switch genders- Ivan chan


Goin in we the straw hat pirates, word spreading faster than a 2nd grade virus
Nab all the pirate booty, what you gonna do, leave you spinning in circles like you was Mr. 2
It's my time and they better go and fear me, Kick it up one more notch - gear 3
Never run away from a battle never fold me, Eventually I'll become a legend, Roger Gol. D

Verse 3:

Step to us you know that you'll be getting spanked, crack your skull leave your hair red - Reppin Shanks
Just ask the rest if I will end you, Crocodile... straight up to Eneru

If you're Ivan well that means you're going fairy, kinda scary caz we really miss the going merry
No reference to nami you say? Oh I got this - She looks kind of like I flow... Hotness