Nerdcore Emulation Station (NES)

by Creative Mind Frame

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Aaron Rodriguez (@ProtoBusterSwrd)
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Aaron Rodriguez (@ProtoBusterSwrd) Proof that Nerdcore is alive and well, despite what some people think. Nice sampling from that one time that the N64, PS1 and Sega Saturn all duked it out for our entertainment.
However, something is bothering me just a bit.....WHERE DID ALL THE LYRICS GO? Either they're not all there, or they're not there. a bit disappointing, because I LOVE all these Nerdcore rhymes and ciphers.

Disappointments aside, awesome album by 1-up and his friends! Favorite track: World 2-3 - Shining Force (O_Super, Alpha Riff and W!SE).
Triston Mullins
Triston Mullins thumbnail
Triston Mullins A primer on who to listen to in the nerdcore world Favorite track: World 1-4 - Tomb Raider (SkyBlew, MC JB, Shubzilla).
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In the distant future, Emcees live happily across different galaxies providing entertainment and joy through their story telling to their people.

An evil force plans to put an end to all of that. The imagidrains and their evil leader devise a plan to feed on everyone's imaginations simultaneously through an all out assault on every galaxy at once with stolen abilities.

The Emcees fight but cannot withstand this onslaught of newly found foes and their powers. A voice appears in their head and transports them all to a new world where they must venture through uncharted territories, learn new skills, and fight new enemies in order to level up.

Follow 1-UP and many other Emcees as they fight through the worlds of Playstation, Sega Saturn and N64 defeating bosses and freeing them from the Imagidrains mind control, finding new items and leveling up so they can return to their worlds and defeat the imagidrains.


released January 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Creative Mind Frame Dallas, Texas

Ex Track & Field All American - Business Process Engineer - Nerdcore Rapper - Jazz Musician


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Track Name: Nerdcore Emulation Station (NES - 1-UP)
And he learned, to become better... he must learn from others...

Verse 1:
So I see a lot of rappers that rhyme thinking “oh we in”, but words are nothing with no string of logic though... Boolean
So to piece it all together, and continue become better, this time I’m an emulation station instead of a trend setter
When I MC on the track I have them saying Ohm-I, Go buy a thousand P-wings so you can be this fly
As this guy and my crew we're known well as the big guys, bonds forged by shared sight of treasure Golden Eye
Then I Crash in hope it not to awakward, turn into a bandicoot somebody call the doctor
Then unleash fury with a bloody roar, moms said stop gaming so I could study more
Stop gaming? Mom you’re really killin me, this next generation is a whole 'nother trilogy
A whole different obsession, run round megaman legends, take out extra aggression, with Final Fantasy 7

And through Emulation... he leveled up.

Now this the station, a song of emulation, of the rappers and the games back when the Playstation
Duked it out with 64 and Saturn sweepin the nation, you people who don’t like Sega, y’all can keep on hatin
Turn your Nights to dreams, if you ain’t know what I mean, you make me wanna scream, and you can’t be on this team
It’s the Nerdcore Emulation, Station, NES for those of you who need abbreviation

But it wasn't enough... he needed more! More to emulate!

Verse 2:
I slip out of my mindset and strap up my Metal Gear, dropping lyrical bombs in your ear that you ain’t never hear
You haters call me Snake but you’re doin me a Solid, I’ll leave you dead or alive, go ahead – you call it
With a Kick ..punch it’s all in the mind I’ll scrap ya, pass this dog a mic! Parappa the Rapper
Rhymes? I pack that, Hats? I snap back, Drums? I trap that, Pokemon? I SNAP THAT (Click Click!)
I’m first on the beta, then I’m Alpha with the Street Fight, when I’m comin through, what you gonna do, caz I’m beatin dudes with a fierce might
Hahhh, now you got nothing to say man, your head’s disconnected from your body Ray-man
If you did I don’t want your input... phono, don’t you ever try to cross me… Chrono
I auto grand theft, don’t snitchy snitch loosa, Toys like Richie Rich and wilder than Yakuza

So 1-UP continued his journey, he traversed mountains... rivers... lakes... all in the efforts to become better... gain experience.... more emulations.

Verse 3:
Blast out ya ears Sonic, see him now he’s gone, racing ain’t a fair plane now is it? Diddy Kong
Make me yawn, playin pawns, my lil man be dropping bombs, yeain’t get it? Bomberman he like my lil spawn
When we split this, we wit spit, we burn tracks like ifrit, that’s a Josh Krow reference homie, did you get it?
If I’m getting down with Krow, then you know I’m down for tony hawk, 1 and 2 and 3 hell every single one be getting bought
Periodically sneaking in references - Radium, destroying all your buildings and your Pokemon Stadium
Try to regroup think and try and ponder, but this a bad fur day that you’ll never ever conquer
I like Peppy, Falco, Star Fox and Slippy, doin barrel rolls double lasers will probably leave you crispy
Andross? was just a big hairy baboon, I beat him black and blue, Pazner Dragoon

Now this the station, a song of emulation, of the rappers and the games back when the Playstation
Duked it out with 64 and Saturn sweepin the nation, you people who don’t like Sega, y’all can keep on hatin
Turn your Nights to dreams, if you ain’t know what I mean, you make me wanna scream, and you can’t be on this team
It’s the Nerdcore Emulation, Station, NES for those of you who need abbreviation

We can rebuild him, we can make him stronger... we have the technology.
Track Name: World 1-3 - Crash The Magic Dragon (Tekforce, Tyler Boyco and Press B)
2 x Hook:
Pick up your Wumpa Fruit and Crystals for the VortexWe gonna take this fight to Doctor Neo CortexBlast the evolvo ray and screw with Doctors dataWe got the power of the witch doctor Rutabaga!

Press B:
I'm fly like a dragon, bright like Sparx
Melt your face off like Indiana and his Ark
Hearken to me while I rip it like Ripto
Sharpen my tongue for when I spit that cunnin' lingo
Bingo, I got gems of every hue
and I'm laughin' like a madman when I'm plunderin' Gnasty's Loot
and my mastery's absolute, spinnin' like a bandicoot
Haters better learn to make their patent leather boots scoot
Whoop whoop whoop, that's a goldie-lookin' reference
Name's B, bigger dragons show me deference
I chill in Avalar, rappin' that irreverence
Pardon me if I give the Artisans my preference
Rhyme's never end, you got a whole year
To release those drags, pass through that fear
Climb that glacier, get used to Winter Tundra
Imagidrains know B will put 'em under
Track Name: World 1-Sub Boss - Pass This Dog A Mic (Parappa the Rapper 1-UP, Eye.Q and Bad Barry)
What the heck is this?

I'm assuming they wouldn't have put this boss here if he wasn't guarding something. You ready Eye.Q?
"Yeah I'm ready"
Alright let's do this.

Boss Battle: FIGHT!


YO! Give this dude a mic caz Someone's got a hunch me, swag's off the charts dog and now they trynna bunch me
Had a dude in the room who was always trying punch me, with a kick and a high hat to go along with this funk beat
Not done, it's a lyrical feature, better listen up to the lesson that I'll teach ya
I will conquer this world if it is you I'm attacking, U Rappin meter off the charts no slackin
When I rap to save my world it not about me stacking money, and when I beat you I'll also get my Sunny Funny
The Imagidrains think they're so great like they Joe Chin, I'll side step their attack and upper cut Yo Chin
If you want to time it it's a speed run, it's time for big drums, I will light you up so hard you will think I am Club Fun
A world without imagination is playing with set buttons, even worse it's like Playstation controllers with only x button

What you gonna do, My team yeah we gonna rip this
What you gonna do, Please let me spit this
Please tell me, You know I am vicious
A dog up on the mic, a beast just admit this

Eye Q.
Kick punch its all in your mind again
EyeQ and 1up here to save the world again
So Take a look around see what kinda world were in
it doesn’t really matter cause you know we came to win
Tag team champs defending the belts again
Challenger Bad Barry an his merry men
So Heres a head start give you till the count of 10
we kickin in the doors and then we coming in
Its like a track meet but you got flat
feet jumping over hurdles
but you cant escape these ninja turtles
an we will hurt you
no not in a fun way
shreddin all your dreams even on your birthday
So throw the dark away welcome to the light side
Light saber every day like a Jedi
In the rain or in the snow we got the funky flow so you really gotta goooo

Bad Barry:
You can Pause"...
I'm the Guardian, and there's no point of arguing, cuz after these two bars you're seeing stars and I already-win
so like a fart-in-the-wind, you can pass on and dissipate, back up off my crystal gates, l'll freeze your frames and pixelate
your FACE and then you faint from just my Joe Chin flow, kicking-and-jumping-and-punching while I'm ducking every blow
rap troll, pay the toll, THERE IS NO TOLL, go back home ,theres no getting past me bro, Lets not make this nasty, bro!
imagidrains need drones, you could join the dark side, I gotta code that takes your souls, and there's no finding extra life
I'll absorb what makes you bright, you see my sword bores through the light, robbing fun from everyone and all you brought was a knife?
a metaphor for your skills, I'm rapping big yer rapping small, cant fit in poke balls when-I'm-flowing-like Niagara Falls
and y'all are like some straws, thin tall bendy ones, no one's getting through, not y'all, not ANYone...

I see you doing your thing Bad Barry, but the problem is... you just fell into our trap

1-UP Bad Barry Emulation:

When you started I was crying like an onion, now I know your secret I'll crunch you like a funion
First off I will hit you with a whammy, that'll make you second best - ummm Jammer Lammy
This whammy switch your genders like a tranny, a quite guest on my show an O without came
Now I feel my power growing oodles, 100 years of pain for and endless supply of noodles
Wait... now I'm going far ahead, it doesn't matter if it's next generation you will still be dead
Buuuuut, getting back to the topic, if you want to take over world you better stop it
With no imagination I might go crazy, blast of in my mind like my name was Jet Baby
Annndddd, now I know your weakness, you should give up because you will never defeat this

I think that worked! It's time to finish this fool off

IN 3-2-1!

1-UP regular form:
When I'm coming and dropping the beat on this track you will say there is no way of stopping ya
But it's all for the fun and the imagination is keeping me sharp and I'm chopping ya
Now I... bring the pain, it's all the same, on every planet I will destroy all the Imagidrains
It's time to get it popping, Im the cherry topping, good will always prosper you a holes will be flopping
Well I suppose it's about time for a swapping, swap your face for my fist here goes your whopping



Bad Barry:
Oh man... thanks for saving me guys... the Imagidrains had me under some sick spell. If you need me on your side to take them down... you got me.

"Bad Barry has joined your party!"
Track Name: World 1-5 -Twisted Moto (1-UP, Tyler of BDH and Metaphist)
race to the exit, break necks with speed like the scene's infected
my team is best when come to exfil, never still, weave right and left quick
on the way to the rendezvous spot where the hoverbike's stashed prior to the mission
ignition, proceed to dodge debris before this metal gets twisted - not if it's up to me

moto jetin, make no mistake I'm a veteran
aint no laps in this time attack so make no mistakes, no exceptions
plus I got weapons to make a path, thanks to the code for the infinite ammo stash
unlimited turbo this nerd knows cheatin death is a craft

navigate this temple, no map, no plans but...
nothing I can't handle controllin this whip like Indiana
party time when we get outside, so throw yo hands up!
your getting hit by rocks n stuff, no seriously, throw your hands up!

walls crumble, stairs tumble, seein pillars buckle
but through the smoke we see light at the end of the tunnel
now it's mission accomlished, vanquish bosses no losses
leavin levels leveled behind us, slow motion explosion eyes forward keep walkin

Tyler Boyco:
1UP and Eye Q take your positions at the starting line
Beat the likes of Dakota and Wild Ride before you’re out of time
This is Jet Moto baby, racing hybrid bike/sea-doo’s
If you wannabe the best, you gotta beat the rest and get sponsored by Mountain Dew

We’re gonna take you on a suicide course of Cypress Run
All you gotta do to leave the temple is race and beat The Hun
Nearing the finish line, just gotta stay the course
An ice cream truck just came outta nowhere and shot the racers with no remose

Which one of you goddamn rappers pressed Up, L1, Triangle, Right?
You just so happened to wake Sweet Tooth and he’s ready to fight
The devils demolition derby of 2006
My name’s Calypso boys and welcome to the apocalypse

You better put some weapons on your bikes and try to fight back
Unless he thinks it’s in his head like Twisted Metal Black
If by chance you survive, your wish is my command
Just make your wish maniacal or diabolical or I’ll get bored and you’ll be damned

I’m in my zone it’s a twisted jet motto
Take my party down that’s a twisted bet oh no
It’s a journey, you haven’t heard g?
Axel to thumper I know you all heard me
I’m in my zone it’s a twisted jet motto
Take my party down that’s a twisted bet oh no
It’s a journey, you haven’t heard g?
Axel to thumper I know you all heard me
(no for real, this is serious)

Now you smiling like you got a sweet tooth, no kids with dimples, we’ve almost escaped the temple but it wasn’t so simple
Got my homies Ty and Metaphist burn away, what you say, a special attack will blow you away, mayday
As the temple crumbled we left these dudes humbled, float like butterfly with stings that bee... bumbled
The imagidrain carts? Hah they gone, oh you know I spit that fire and I killed em with a napalm
If you’re standing in our way you might wanna dip though, or else napalm will leave you looking two faced like Calypso
We may be in a hurry, but we’ve got no need to scurry, whether 1 shot or 10... the evil will be burried
This party… I count on them…. they always have my back, if you attack, you dudes, will be cut, no slack
On to the next stage for skill s to be learned, nothing is given we’re always fighting here to earn

Over and out...
Track Name: World 1-6 - Don't Sweat The Tekkenique (1-UP, Tekforce, Press B, Force of Will)
Press B: Whatup 1-UP
1-UP: Ayoooo I remember this!
Press B: Oh word?
1-UP: Yeah! It looks like a cross between these two games I used to play... Tekken and Bloody Roar but it looks like a side scroller now!
Press B: Right Onnn

"Defeat each fighter to advance to the next round... FIGHT!"

Haha ok... 1-UP is dropping the beat with tekkenique, you won't be stopping it
The people be calling me Marshal Law, the sheriff of this town be dropping kicks
The imagidrains be looking the same, beating em down in every way, have em yelling my name (calling meee), like they calling me, but I ain’t no Lil Zane
I’m leading this party like a boss (ugh)… Hugo, bearing my fangs like a wolf, team Yugo
My team is one thing that you never ever get through, I’ll trick you, and make you stab yourself... Yoshimitsu
When I hit em with the left they thinking they wipers then try to be fighters, I’m going hyper kill em like cypher but when I fire on these dudes they try to block it like writers, and I’ll have to clarify these dudes ain’t nothing but biters


Yeahhh... it is a beautiful day man! It's PERFECT for cracking heads.
Me and 1-UP want to tell you don't sweet the Tekkenique.

Half man… half animal… Call ya boy King, cause you know I am a manimal
Don’t sweat my Tekkenique - I’ll bring a Bloody Roar, mental bullets pierce you - and leave you with a bloody core
You acting all surprised - my party’s been strong, pounce you like a tiger - just call ya boy Jin Long
My dude Urban Flow he like to spit bangers, Kazuya - Hah that lines a cliff hanger

Press B:
Awww man I'm getting tagged in now?
Well it's a good thing I came to BRING IT!
Track Name: World 1 BOSS - First and Final Fantasy (1-UP and Faba Van Exel)
"You have encountered Guardian - Faba Van Excel - Round 1… FIGHT!"

Now I’m ready, now I’m going, at this point yeah I’ve leveled up, you imagidrains gonna get flexed caz 1-UP has been getting buff
First I took the emerald weapon down now I’m getting known, casting knights of the round like a boss and hah don't even need gold chocobos
Don’t want to clash swords buster, your attacks are like a butter knife, Omnislash your head up to the Clouds – that’s why they call me Strife
Your swipes so weak, I dub-that-the-slob-slash, exp levels so low - the un-em-ployed-job-class
We’ve battled through many lands, including Alexandria, I’ll use my strongest summon easy win, easy to handle ya
No slack, you’ll get whacked caz I’m a black, mage, but it you slap back, I will yack back, and I will cast RAGE
Maxed out materia, you fear mythril gear? casting fire… water…. and bio to shock you to disappear
Dead or alive Vincent Valentine'll leave you in your wake, power level’s so high caz you just induced my limit break

This here's your final fantasy, but it's my first
No cap up on my limit break, I feel the surge
I got an urge, to put in work
It's a cat-ast-ro-phe - the way I'll make you hurt
This here's your final fantasy, but it's my first
No cap up on my limit break, I feel the surge
The gauge is rising, I'll kill off the imagidrains
Paint their end right here, as if they were some stylish lames

Faba Van Excel:
Level up level up get your bars straight, there's a limit to your power till your bars break
Sonic booms make the guitar shake, this is your Final Fantasy you knew that this was our fate
To meet in the final round... boss shit, there was a line in the sand and you crossed it
Now there can only be one to rule all us, flow heavy like an Avalanche B. Wallace
Flow like a Avalanche, we ballin, something like the president of Shinra Quadrant
Facing me, there is no half stepping, 1-6 was tight, but we loving 7
Really gotta hit you with this new aggression, lyrically I'm gifted that's my Ultimate Weapon
I told you before, my style is heaven sent, word to Ruby Red I'm bringing the 5th Element
The Saphire is irrelevant, just like your rap career and this battle here is evidence
You may think that you bout to take my life, but I'm high up on the Clouds no worries no strife


1-UP Faba Van Exel Emulation:

Hah, you must be high, I'll call you cid man, You made a summon, you don't know what you did man
You had a shot, like Barret in this competition, now you'll be like Aerith, live alone before you end up missing
Cast a clarity before you loose ya vision, because we'll stack the gil when you kill you off get our commission
I'm on a mission, I'll keep on spitting, until you lose your powers and leave, voluntary attrition

1-UP Normal:
Before you knew it, I already know, that I've weakened you time for a final blow
Time to bring out, yo got many sources, regular attack cast a spell or guardian forces
I told you... this here your Final Fantasy, gonna beat you so hard you'll wind up way back at the academy
Siyonara sucker it's time for us to be apart, the difference between you and I is courage like Squall Leonhart

It was nice knowing you, but you can go ahead and tell your leader that we are coming for him.


Now do you understand. In order to level up you must defeat these bosses and to defeat them you must learn to emulate.

You have received Emulation Station Collectors Disc.
Track Name: World 2-1 - Nights Into Dreams (1-UP and SkyBlew)
Skyblew: Yeah let's get ready for the flight y'all... It's a new world.


Now...Like... I used to wish I was taller, listening to Skee-low singin i wish I was a baller
Make these ladies wanna holler, but now I'm in a nightmare to save my world I've become a brawler
I don't mean to be gloating but my party got me going like a group of the nights we floating
Staying high with no dope, gliding like a parachute, link ideas together in a circle do a para loop
No matter how much imagidrains think they wanna be ya, we see ya n free ya before they eat up your ideyas
And this may be a new world that we've never ever been in, we'll positively spin it, Charlie Sheen style we winning (Winning!)
Heh... I'm a crusader for the justice, That means I lay the hammer down you can't touch this
You may not know what it means, ain't what it seems but it'll make sense, when you piece together all the broken seven dreams

Hook (SkyBlew):
Track Name: World 2-2 - Panzer Dragoon (Alpha Riff, Force of Will, O_Super)

Deep inside the skies of our thoughts, we can float upon the heavens, spread our wings and we off

high above the clouds we can hold it, full of decisions, and intuition in dipped in components

locked behind the shell of a dragon, scattered scales on our pallet, dipped in wells of our falace

Dreams in the scale of the atlas, followed by that lucky planet, that we loved in there absence

lasers rip through portals like there Alice , as they rip beyond that boundary of the worlds centered balance

now were just sinking in the deep end, of wings climaxing, from the jungles of our weekends

up late at night we stay dreaming, of a future without war, outside the preceding

But insisting fighting, flying till the beast ends, all of our realities while riding cross the seas winds


Lift up past the gust of disease winds, until the dragon rips his wings, and we peak in

and we spiral further down heavens door, all we wanted was a life fulfilled with journeys all for more

till the breaking of that black towers walls, I am Keil(main character), I can soar, across the heavens and and beyond
azul(blue) to the color of the wyvern(dragon)
and the worlds colored blue like the tint of her eyelids,
Now the Terra(Planet or world) that's beside them.
lift beyond the spirits of the higher, of the highest
at your door, we lore downpour, shouldered in that essence that the life had tried to give in more
Defeated within our plight, black dragon's at your door,
I wanna live forever but the sky had that more that's in store,
and we live it on forever, like the panzer to brain, now forever I remain, hold up..
Track Name: World 2-3 - Shining Force (O_Super, Alpha Riff and W!SE)
Force Of Will:

Heralded by the light that shines within the sky, sword in hand from distant lands, I can feel the hand

Of destiny within the recipe of fallen bands, holding to perdition cross this mission with my closest friends, time spands

I shine through fears, full of tears for the world to say, I can move this, ark, replace the dark for kingdoms come we say, parmecia seeks peace for all eternity the elders say, this world's pazarts, shift darkness arts, sum the titans slay,

now lost inside this destiny we fight to end, with hand of Mars advancing bars, we play it to the wind

Lost within the emulation station, hands over what's sacred, caught inside this game, like we was trapped inside the matrix

Magic spells amazing, read the scribes beyond the basics, leveling all these realities, inside my fabric mind I chase it

Journey with alpha and will through space and time, trying to fix fate in line, while getting lost in grand design.
Track Name: World 2 Special Stage - Chaos Emerald (1-UP, King Pheenix and Mister Wilson)
1-UP: Sigh.. I think we got warped again... the good news is.. it still looks like the Saturn World
King Pheenix: Dude I don't dig this teleportation stuff
1-UP: I know I'm just trying to be optimistic, I guess we have no other choice but to figure it out and level up...

Teleported to a place I can’t handle, The stage keeps flip flopping like a sandal
This ain’t mario’s world can’t burn a flower up, I’ll just keep bouncing around until I get this power up
Gotta be a hero, can’t stand for being lame, not wanting fame just want to defeat the imagidrains
Got some... Ly-ri-cal power - kind of like a warp ring, kill em with rhythm so hard we'll make their corpse sing
Already learning emulation, with allegations that truly show an innovation in
Liberation of my planet and all inhabitation, with chaos emeralds of skill. hope. light. and imagination
Build my reputation and take it back subrogation with speeeeeds so Sonic they have absolutely no limitations
(Because these imitations from inspirations, dislocated my rhyming skills to new elevations
At the end we’ll make these dudes will beg man, they can try but it did no good for Egg Man
Yeah... I’m bout to level up, No choice... but to level up

King Pheenix: I'm too dope to be cut up in a million pieces

Gotta Level up, with the Sonic speeds - Our planets, yeah they have some chronic needs
Make go super style, because these villains are super vile
I told you I’m bout to level up, Caz I have no other choice but to level up

Mister Wilson:

I never seen this place before, I can't wait to see what's in store
Might go through the whole stage without codes, or skip the whole stage in debug mode
You know what Imma do this the right way, the Super Mario without the pipes Way
Caz I can beat any level in no time, Y'all should know that I'm a star... world 9
Game time, come and see me work, if you not in my zone then you totally forked
This place have monsters that'll blast you, it goes upside down like inverted castles
Wilson's a hero, Toe Jam and Earl it's you at level zero
Yeah, I'm bout to level up.... no choice... but to level up

"You have earned the Emerald of Chaos Emulation... this Emerald... allows you... to use multiple emulations in rapid succession"
Track Name: World 2 BOSS - Sonic 3D Blast (Ft B-Type and Richie Branson)

Time to stretch your mind a lil bit like plyometrics - Boss battle take a new point of view isometric
Robotnik and these dudes - they think they'll get by, We'll save our world like the flickies we will get fly
strapped up my shoes, it’s time to go flow, Dr Robo your plan will be a no go
imagidrains... you’ll be defeated, Green Grove zone you can go ahead and beat it
No super sonic but I’ll bring obliteration, rusty ruin final fight stages are alliteration
Scopping up rings didn’t planet heh Saturn, knuckle sandwich in ya face, you see the pattern
So witty already beat you in hyrdocity, take pity when I get down to the nitty gritty
If you want to save the world with these dudes, ditch the imagidrains, hah they ain’t even got speed shoes

Yo, It’s a 3d blast, speeds so sonic burn ya sand straight into glass
World taken over, defeat ya to free ya, it’s on to the next see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya
Yo, It’s a 3d blast, yeah the 3d blast
Try to bring the force well you better try and double mine, call me two tails because I run my miles double time

Track Name: World 3-1 - Mushroom Kingdom (1-UP and Chadley)
"You are progressing quite further than I had predicted, but it is all luck. The third and final world we have taken over contains the strongest enemies yet... good luck you will not make"

Well this look like my home world, yeah 1-ups birth land, king imagidrain think he has some weight, get worked man
I’m gaining new experience, without a level cap, a bunch stars and gaining new equipment like a metal cap
Up up and away, fly me to sky, goombas and snowmen absolutely no bad dudes here will be getting by
Through this exploration no page should be over looked, passages in a hidden book, step up into the paintings look
The princess want to meet her maybe marry her and keep her one day she will be my valentine even if I ain’t skeeter
It’s a battle field out there, but I ain’t having that, battle back bullet bills, chain chomps thwomps and piranha plants
(I left king king bob-bong... in stitches he had to bandage that, and the bowser, man he’s already disappeared - without a vanish cap
Spitting hot blocks fire, on in the dock docks dire, a desire to become a super star - couraged required

1 cap, 2 cap, 3
I’m flyer than that wing cap - just see
In a new world, tell me where the flowers are
To save this land, just lead me to a power star
Track Name: World 3-2 - Started From The Jungle Now We're Here (1-UP, 2 Mello, Bad Barry, Lex Lingo - Beast Mode Flow)
Ayeeee we bout to get krunkodisle in this island.
The imagidrains don’t know what they messing with…. this on like donkey kong


Full charge Rambi the Rhino, Kremgling laid out is what they'll find though
The powers bestowed for rocking this flow, is a powerful punch that is straight to your dome
Looking at King K Rool yeah he must be a fool, not going to class but made sure he got schooled
Bass bumping hard and my speakers go blamer no need to get hype we already bananas
My right hand man yeah we running the city, the kong that's notoriously known as kid Diddy,
We both going ape but don’t call ya boy fifty, finding coins ain't incredibly tricky
Thrown in the jungle but they wonder what we on, or what we been through, the fire, call us Shaka kahn
See a little bit of blast and we going on, it’s itty bitty witty means it’s kind of tricky,
my words a little sticky, I’m seeing bad dudes lurking in the jungle that’s really kind of trippy, but you’ll never see me dip see
Now they trynna dip see, who you trynna rip see? You ain’t trynna rip me, get banana clipped see
You trailing like ellipses, out ya mind hippy, your mistake for ever trying to come and flip me
My crew is going in, y'all won’t win, where the heck have dudes freaking been?
Since we since we since we since we since we gonna bring the fin
For the imagidrains we show, that’s the end yolo, you only live once you but my party yeah we getting grown

Imagidrains. You know it's going on, (Beast mode) x 4 flow donkey kong
Imagidrains. You getting gone, (Beat ya) x 3 down donkey kong
Imagidrains. You know it's going on, (Beast mode) x 4 flow donkey kong
Imagidrains. You getting gone, (Beat ya) x 3 down donkey kong

Lex Lingo:

Bad Barry:

2 Mello:
Track Name: World 3-3 - Blast Corps (Ft Alpha Riff, 1-UP and Aramis)
Aramis: a vigilante...8 people in the whip behind me's too bad there a sacrifice-but....all's fair in this pact of life, I'm-
in the ramdozer you better move over, im running all over detroyin the foyer <--- [Stutter rap]
controllin the boulders and moving them closer or further away it depends on the order its

all...all for the sake us reachin the Pokemon stadium punctual...
...anyone left in the wake guaranteed to get ate like a lunchable... not a like a Huxtable loaded and rockin them cardigan sweaters
....its manually labor i run it like im rockin varsity letters we

coming together no matter the weather destruction is imminent gotta go finish it
earnin the medals the bronze or the silver but gold is goal we dont need to go into it the J-Bomb...tellin you all just to stay calm...
droppin the firey napalm,...secret agent call me James Bond, in the

Sk-yfall, I ri-val...the fastest in this world....and, even in the
cy-clone suit, i somersault right on through, the number of
vehicles in my possession is growin the TNT got all the building's explodin
there overly potent you see me you know its the end of the road i keep going and going i'm

1-UP (Hook):
You wanna get thrashed kid?
Hah . Oh you wanna get blasted?
Man... You bout to get smashed kid
Why don’t you tell me.. How long the others lasted?

Dead end, come on think think think... Alpha bring the force

Alpha Riff:

Got these cats, step up for the demolition Detonation of them nuclear warheads Ignite the premonitions
Cold sweats seep out the forehead
Just minutes to midnight, it’s two to twelve, put fears to bed One option, strap up the suits, Ramdoze or Ballista
Out front the carrier, level cities with the fist of
Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thunderfist
It’s a Rare team, don’t stand there, you gonna run from this Breaking walls like the Koolaid Man (oh yeaaah) Destruction’s Major Stan
Blast Corps cycle fam
Site locked on, your life’s in our hands
A little TNT on the back of the crazies
Need a hole in the moon, a fist through the Jupiter
Er, er, error, better protect the carrier
All right, then I’ll be G W
In front of the podium with a clear view
Mission accomplished, I wouldn’t lie to you
Bring the speed and bring the muscle
Time to tussle, make them buildings debris and rubble Ticking time bombs gonna blast, 64 reasons to hustle

1-UP (Hook):
You wanna get thrashed kid?
Hah . Oh you wanna get blasted?
Man... You bout to get smashed kid
Why don’t you tell me.. How long the others lasted?
Track Name: World 3-5 - Golden Dark (1-UP, Nyte and Ill Gill)
Ill Gill: WTF MAN. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THAT DUDE HAD A ROCKET LAUNCHER!!?? Well now I'm back! And we're going 4 player multi player screen right now!

Antagonizing dudes, we bout to figure em out out, See it all my Golden Eye knows what this all about
Down through the library got these hidden passages, Natalia ride or die putting these dudes in bandages
In the temple, and if you find me, I’ll switch to goin double time... RCP-90
Finding intel there’s no stopping now, To the ground where dude’s dropping now, Then I plow! Through Taken out! Blow em up like boom Bladdow!!!
In every single stage, 1-up’s been stealthy, done so many Odd-jobs, now 1-up's extra wealthy
The man with the golden gun so you better run, with a license to kill - Yolo! You’ll only live once
Bring a storm with a perfect dark just support it, disguise myself left to right in and out - a nordic
I’m on a mission so I don’t care who you send man, I’ll gather up this intel even if it means my end man


When it comes to killin trouble there’s only really one I know, Agent 7, don’t forget the double 0
A Golden Eye a perfect piece of art - As PTP says “So Clear that this is Perfect Dark”
So clear... shooting down these landing planes, searching through their contents while battling imagidrains
Killin trouble.. only one I know, Like I said Agent 7, and don’t forget the double 0



Ill Gill:
Track Name: World 3-6 - HEY! LISTEN! (Zelda, Doug Funnie, Aramis, 1-UP and Lex Lingo)
1-UP: Ugghhhhhh Teleportation Again!
Doug Funnie: Man how many places we gotta go through?
1-UP: The good news is
Doug: This looks familiar some how
1-UP: There was an old man on our conquest, he spoke of an Ocarina (really?) that controls an airship that can get us to the final stage

Doug Funnie: Yep Yep I know exactly what you're talking about

im out here lookin for that ocarina
water temple flowing like auafina
got side-tracked by the Zora's wonder how the
Lex and 1-up search-is goin

roll-in on mount gor-on, rockin-the
all red threads cause the heat is scoldin
lost in the temple, runnin around i got the
megaton hammer smashin the ground and

fell through...good thing i had that hookshot
swung back up then i hit the gift shop
damn it.......still empty handed...
...not the way that i planned it, so i rolled

up into Hyryle...castle, with the
force of a typhoon....lasso on the case i gotta bait and switch, saw
Doug Funnie he was like man u gotta pay for this!

"Yo good job guys, but pay attention.. we got new plan of action. Doug just scouted the main area.... I'm gonna go ahead and take the east, Aramis you scope the west. Make sure you keep your eyes open for that Ocarina alright?"

We flowing so hard on this adventure that they call it my pool, and we so dope, now we’ve built up a following, call us hyrule (High Rule)
I shape shift to a wrecking ball if need be, cannon morph, blast you with the dark side, and shrink y'all to some Gannon Dwarfs
No dragon balls I’ve never felt so godly like a Kami, Encounter the brainwashed and make them "hey listen!" Navi
It’s a sign, the imagidrains will unwind, and it’s fine if they don’t I’ll stop em - hit them with a song of time
I’m coming with a link to the past, and I’m doing it fast, all these bad dudes will never last, but I’m bringing everybody on a mission to the temple with rhymes so sharp that you will be slashed
When I step up in the world man I’m doin it, they think I’m playing but these dudes ain’t doing s***, then I hit em with the bomb they feeling blue and s***, on a quest to save time that’s the truist s***
With a master sword, screaming oh my lord, shock you with the triforce electric chord, deadly with an arrow, going king like pharos, on a conquest Jack Sparrow
We split up these pieces and hand it to the party, to save our worlds you better HEY LISTEN! Call me Navi.
Track Name: World 3-7 - Star Foxy (1-UP)
"I'm getting so swaggalicious they call me Star Foxyy... haha"

Verse 1:

This song no different it's all the same, I'm 1-UP... just love rapping about them video games
Now I see them glarin, my skills they be comparin, such a Fly Fox named McCloud, I even got an Airwing (Air Winggg)
And all them other dudes already dissed em, when I blasted through the Coneria system
They think they see it differently they must be high alto, gave em the bird flu and made em forget Falco
And when the game's beyond control, I stay Peppy all the time just go and "Do a barrel roll!"
They think they seein stars so I wonder what they be on, I bring down like Wolf, Panther and even Leon
Speakers by my system Lylat wanna try that? You so whack, laying back talk a lot of big smack
I'm quick witted when I save the world Star Fox, if you don't like it you can bite me Arbok

Chorus x 2:
Save the world with style, it's Star Foxy
Do it with the swag of a hero that's just my moxy
Think outside the circle, they can't box me
In the end they try to be me, you ain't my proxy

"Alright here we go Star Fox 64"

Verse 2:

Here we go another system upping the polygons, better graphics with the same dudes that we depending on
Game was 'bout 59 dollars and some change, boss battle new mode (hah) they called it all range
Usher in a new era, multiplayer U-Turn, maybe you learn the win is number of rounds that you earn
Ride the airwaves like a big beat in a big sled, beat the notes like the stage and Andross with his big head
I remember playing for hours over at my cousin's place, anytime I won you should have seen my cousin's face
They were steamin, I was gleamin, droppin bombs and shootin the double beams in
Rappin about these games I know there's some enigma, we all know Pigma's a traitor with 4-6 Sigmas
And you wanna see how many guys we pounded? A guess.. the bill you see is over 9000!!!!!

Chorus x 2:
Track Name: World 3 BOSS - Smash Bros (1-UP and Mega Ran)
Final Stage... Here We Go.

"You've surprised me by getting this far... but you will never get past the final boss."
1-UP: Dude this guy is really starting to become a pain in my

Ok finally (yep) I think we’re about to do it. Playstation, Saturn, 64 we been through it
Now we’re in the world of the smash bros 1-UP and Fan Fiction, yeah you know about to smash though
In saffron, I always gotta make em fall, with like 150 some odd poke balls
better watch your tone I’m always on key, super punch donkey kong turn you to zombies
bringing mad storms, imagidrains are whack forms, we at the last stage while you fools are boarding platforms (Board the Platforms!)
Nothing but some scalywags, this fight is in the bag, fighting polygons… yeah you'll raise the white flag
I say there is no other way, spitin fire balls like I’m Mario opposition get burned away
I hope evil dudes ain’t thinking it’s a love tap, Master Hand... now watch me hit you with this glove slap
My party can’t bite em, don’t think you wanna fight em, from all the other worlds we have a plethora of items
you sleeping on my Jiggly Puff? What you think? I’ll Triforce (Try force) like Donkey kong then turn you to a missing Link
Hit a powerful punch make my fist join, your face, watch you spit coins, so deadly that it splits groins
Sometimes we lose, but here we gonna win some, so many allies we filled up the Mushroom Kingdom,
We learned so much on our quest like an open letter man, current mission is to free you from their spell Mega Ran
Emulation, but it ain’t a copy, a technique that make the people rock see?

You will have to try hard than that to defeat Mega Ran. He is the strongest of the 3 guardians from our takeover.

1-UP Mega Ran Emulation:
I seen you in the other world, on planet Zebes you was hanging with that other girl
It’s something I didn’t really get boy, it makes sense now, they hanging with the Metroids
Didn’t ever think they’d ever take over your block man, we’ll use your buster shot man and turn you back to RockMan
Now we got mind control a little bit diminished, all we have left is a race to the finish

Mega Ran:
Congratulations, you have come a long way, but your journey to the trophy unfortunately ends today.
You got beam swords and red shells? ha, you're weak see, you'll have to try harder than that to defeat me.
I'm not for partying, I am the last guardian, harder than all the previous, fall for your disobedience
Mannn I'm a monster, move in for the kill, Something is coming that changes the way I feel.

"Continue? 5-4-3-2-1... GO!"

1-UP Bad Barry, PTP, Josh Krow and Richie Branson Emulation:

We heard you’re the final boss it wouldn’t be easy, when we found it we was like ohhhh brother - Luigi (wawawawawawa)
So I, put on a cap and was coated in metal, then kicked it up a few octaves - treble
Hand out a knuckle sandwich - slanging lunch, Making fireflies, here you go (hah) Falcon Punch
The fun’s up, the end will quickly run up, Here’s a final serving from your homeboy 1-UP
To save the universe, We got this party, Think you can take us? heh dude’s hardly
World crashing, bros, time for smashing, the mind control spell we will now be smashing
From other worlds we picked up skills to attack ya, Final Fantasy, even Parappa the Rapper
Saved saturn, caz I’m a Sega fan, now we bout to free you from this spell - Mega Ran

Mega Ran (Free from spell):

I discovered they over ran my home land, brainwashed me and then turned me on my own fam!
I think Im free now, good thing that I have friends! But now I got a headache, who's got an aspirin?
Alas, I have lovely parting gifts to fight the evil doers on your planets you will need this
Stand up straight, throw a helmet on your dome and, keep the faith, Mega Ran signing off, I'm gone

1-UP: I think that did it.... I think he's coming to it!
Track Name: Outro
Now that you have proven yourselves I can reveal my true identity.

I am CreativeFlux - The twin brother of the imagidrain king… I am the one who brought you all here… we once worked in harmony to ensure that creativity never outweighed practicality… but my brother became greedy and wished the throne be his… and only his.

He ordered an attempt on my life to eliminate me from the royal lineage, but I narrowly escaped with my life.

Disfigured and dismembered I hid within the depths of different galaxies observing, watching… waiting for him to make his move and determining those which would become the warriors in the fight against my brother.

Today… you all have proven your worth.

“I just want to go back to my planet and save them”

Open your eyes… this is far beyond that… you can go back to your planets… but for what? It is only a matter of time until the imagidrain army is too powerful to stop. You must cut it at it’s source.

As a former member of the royal lineage I happen to know the hidden areas in which they operate…

… but It is ultimately your choice….

“Alright let’s save the universe… again”

I will send some of you to a square world, you may know it on your planets as the “Game Cube”
Good luck and take this.

"What is this?"

It is the emulation station controller. It will allow you to store multiple emulations for use when you are venturing away from your party.

"Later suckassssss! I mean good luck!"