Super Nerdcore All Bars World 1

by Creative Mind Frame

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Doug, PTP and myself decided to knock out a quick one week project dedicated to Super Mario.

Raisi K was kind enough to add some beats to our arsenal.

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released December 2, 2012

Lyrics : 1-UP, Doug Funnie, Phantastik The Phenom
Album Art / Mixing : CreativeMindFrame
Instrumentals : Raisi K, CreativeMindFrame

*Special shoutout to Blake Brown for the studio recording time



all rights reserved


Creative Mind Frame Dallas, Texas

Ex Track & Field All American - Business Process Engineer - Nerdcore Rapper - Jazz Musician


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Track Name: Supa Koopa Troopas (1-UP | Phantastik)

Nooo! Did he just open his mouth?
I think it’s time we showed him what we’re talking about
So Bowser, we gon stomp em out
Goombas, we gon stomp em out
Koopas, we gon stomp em out
Troopas, we gon stomp em out
Whoooa! Did he just say what he said?
Must have some crazy thoughts floating around in his head!
So Bowser, we gon stomp em out
To Goombas, we gon stomp em out
Koopas, we gon stomp em out
Troopas, we gon stomp em out


We on the rise… like some donut plains
you getting downsized, caz y’all be playin too much games
Switchin styles, like I be switchin clothes
fire flower, feather cape, and even hammer bros
Grabbin up dragon coins… cash scoopa…
destoyin castles…like… the hulk - smash koopas
Growin on mushrooms… it’s so swagtastic,
Rapping bout to pass it to my boy Phantastik


I can see them walking at me with scowl and a grimace
Causing all kinds of racket, this ain’t Mario Tennis
Trust if they keep on chargin they’ll Discover they’re limits
Checking teeth, no dentist gimmicks, that penance is the premise,
Cooling in the mushroom house, just waiting for visitors
When I heard super koopa troopas talking real slick and sinister
Saying they want to have us laid out in front of a minister
Not problem starters but like “The End” we’re the best of the finishers



Smashin the koopas I’m flyer than supa my skills they be ballin like hoopas
When I get on the track yeah you better believe when Im done you will leave in a stooper
Now. What. I’m. doing. Here. It. is. That. Thing. I’m. Switching. Styles
Like. Mario. To Hedgehog Sonic Boom... No Wait That’s Guile
Question? Ask it, Fear you better Mask it
I’ll have em sleepin with the koopas – in a casket
Better bring it. Better bring it with the game face
Because because I’m going I’m Going to rhyme - a potion to sub space


Could it get any simpler, we’ve been proven tested
Don’t think you can’t be touched, mob leave you molested
Leaving turtle shells cracked and the koopas kids crushed
Aims better than ’86 when we first hunted the ducks
Challenges, there are none. Enemies are plenty.
Stomp em, leave em where they lie like an upside down penny,
Big green boots, Timmies, Bowser’s butt, empty
Talkin that ying yang, Chinese to me, I think he said “Enter me”