Pi​(​e) Day (Prod by Ohm​-​I)

by Creative Mind Frame

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In celebration of Pi day, we decided to toss together a song about my recent Raspberry Pi obsession. Currently in the midst of getting as much home automation and monitoring possible out of a powerful little computer.


Yo, this song goes out to... all you people obsessed right now with...
Learning IoT... MQTT... Home automation... and messing around with that little 30 dollar computer...

Yeah... it's Pi Day fools.

But not a real pie.

Verse 1:
Not a day goes by, I can say no lie, that I don't hop in my raspberry pi
Hit up a slew, of YouTube tutorials, now it's falling into place like a little choreo
Everything covered wall to wall like parkour, started off small and now I’m getting hardcore
Every single day I be getting more smug, home assistant io be my automation hub
And let me set thing straight, no keyboard or monitor I SSH
(Yeah) you can't see me when, I encrypt all traffic through my VPN
You wanna try and track me? Then be my guest, you couldn't find me even with my DNS
If you really wanna I will be direct, 192.catch these hands is the address
Do your research, that’s what you’ll get man, working on my music anywhere like a jet man
I mean it’s so fly to be so d close by, all of my files anytime just cause these code lines
My syntax layout? Strong like Snorlax, but you will never get this like your name Borat
If you bout that life, do it for the pi man, gotta rep the pi till you die man bye man

Do it for the Pi, do it for the Pi, it’s not a real pie, so please don’t eat it
(Repeat x 4)

Verse 2:
Oh nooooo, the nights out, I'm bout to turn your lights out
Because it’s past 10, Owntracks say we’re home, so the lights turn off from the location on our phones
All of my lights they be the right type I gotta night bright, that turns on at the notion of my finger when I swipe right
And if it’s date night, I gotta set the mood man, for no reason at all… caz I gotta be that dude man
(hah) Creepy I know, but its ’ll up in the guts like gpio
Flow like Nile, watcher like Giles, Open VPN all my files
Got machine’s having convos... MQTT, Bruh Automation makes it be too easy
My homie Jon’s gold. like C3P... Oh yeah my code’s fixed now we in completely!
Everything's in sync, I guess I call that unity, snippets of code from the HASS web community
Started off, like I'm trying to learn Tamil, now I SSH nano type it in my yaml
Blinds? I'll do it. Temperature? Control it. You're the one who broke into my house? I’ll know it!
If you wanna ride the then Amazon gotta holla man, computer does it all for like 35 dollar man

Do it for the Pi, do it for the Pi, it’s not a real pie, so please don’t eat it
(Repeat x 4)


released March 14, 2017
Lyrics: Creative Mind Frame
Instrumental: Ohm-I
Mixing: Creative Mind Frame



all rights reserved


Creative Mind Frame Dallas, Texas

Ex Track & Field All American - Business Process Engineer - Nerdcore Rapper - Jazz Musician


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