Nerdcore Emulation Station 3

by Creative Mind Frame

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Aaron Rodriguez (@ProtoBusterSwrd)
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Aaron Rodriguez (@ProtoBusterSwrd) Here we are, after a romp thru the worlds of the PS1, Sega Saturn, N64 and the Gamecube galaxies we have reached the end of this awesome trilogy.

Nerdcore Emulation Staion 3 (or "N3S") Delivers such an ending with some sick dreamcast samples, from Sonic Adventure to Shenmue and everything in between. An awesome ending to an awesome series! Plus, such a stellar cast of Nerdcore's finest!

Do yourself a favor and get this if you haven't already! Also if you can get the comic book companion to this, it will help you understand the story a little more. Favorite track: 9b. Sonic Adventure 2 (Ft Lex Lingo, Tekforce & JC of the Broken Pixels).
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Join 1-UP for the third and final arc of the Nerdcore Emulation Station series.
1-UP and party venture to the world of the Dreamcast... a strange world inhabited by the imagidrains and the ideas and thoughts they have stolen from different galaxies.

As they battle to move forward, 1-UP picks up several hints that uncover mysteries surrounding his past...


released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Creative Mind Frame Dallas, Texas

Ex Track & Field All American - Business Process Engineer - Nerdcore Rapper - Jazz Musician


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Track Name: 1. Soul Calibur (Ft Mega Ran, Richie Branson, C0splay, Lex Lingo & Shubzilla)
Last time, on NES 2... 1-UP and friends just saved Kadesh Flow and the Gamecube from the grasp of the Imagidrain king and his army and set a course to the Dreamcast world in order to launch a full assault on their home base. Join them as the venture to collect power stones and uncover the hidden mysteries of 1-UP, Creative Flux and the Imagidrain King...

But enough back story… it’s time to pay attention, 1-UP, Mega Ran and Richie Branson are rushing to the forefront.

This a game of chess and so the enemy I will check em, Imagidrains?it’s time to go in and wreck em
Through several planets, we sent them cowards home, now it’s time to level up and grab up all the Power Stones
Take a side step, give a side swipe, Go Crazy Taxi the way that I do my glide right
I’ve gained so many emulations now I got these powers not a flavor of every hour burn em up like eating fire flowers
Go Sonic watch me be fast, I'm steady saving Dreamcast, they’re just a shadow carbon copy…. hah Bleemcast
To the left get whipped… IVY, and if you’re Ready to Rumble go head and try me
If our team gets San Fran Rushed, we’ll be smart, then tear up all these tracks like we turned into the Street Sharks
We gotta kill em off caz' they shady bro, Then after saving Dreamcast Jet Set like a Radio

Imagidrain Minion:

Heh, you haven't even seen the best part yet...

When I get to fighting, I gotta do it, dudes trynna block us, gonna blast through it
First enemy who wants, you can get slashed, stop your release, like the second Whiplash
Gates blasted, now we gonna barge in, Free em like ROMS, and now you wanna charge em
Thrill em, kill em, stolen minds spill em, free em up from the spells spitting venom
Got your sword up, hah, what’s it gonna be man, I put you underwater and change your name to Seaman
Your leader thinks he’s sly, we’re gonna to take him Dead Or Alive
We’ll destroy him... you heard what I said, I’ll turn his home to the House Of The Dead
Lex got the lingo rollin to my right, and Shubz got a Power Stone rollin to the fight

1-UP: Wait... You guys already found a Power Stone?
Lex Lingo: Yeah man you’re over here messing around and singing about beating dudes up.
Shubzilla: Yeah c’mon 1-UP. NP-SWEEEEEEEP!!!!

Random (Mega Ran):
The stage of history my blade swing swiftly, cause they can’t hit me, my pen game sickly
Edge master at age 50, ya worst nightmare, i don’t fight fair, stay with me...
Untucked nunchucks leaving em ruffed up, Imagidrains feel the pain, it’s just it’s tough luck
That’s how it’s gotta be, Jarbo with the raw flow, unorthodox style like Voldo
Rip through tissue like it’s no issue, legend in two games rap’s Yoshimitsu
I can handle the bout alone, but it would prolly be easier with a Power Stone
Boy they can’t touch this, seems i gotta go back and adjust this, and show em some Project Justice
Kick punch its all in the mind, a fantasy, you’re only a star on line

1-UP: Yo Mega Ran watch out!!
*Sword Fighting Noises*
Random (Mega Ran): Whoa thanks Richie!
Richie Branson: Hah, no problem bro, it's Richie time...

Richie Branson:
(Scrrrr) Cruising in my yellow tan Volvo, skill set advanced like I'm metal hand Voldo
Get a slash if you disrespect the man's polo, catch a hand and shred em like a metal Han Solo
Think fast, I've been the greatest, since Dreamcast I get the papers
You Bleemcast, you emulators, I speed past the potential haters
Like Sonic, trolls all in my comment section, I told them all that I'm on it
No Pokemon but I'll smoke it all till I'm stoning out like I'm Onyx

Ughhh I'm not feeling too good guys *faints*

Lex Lingo:
Yo 1-UP are you ok?!?

*Sigh* What happened...

Lex Lingo:
Dude just fainted! I dunno what happened, why you acting like I did it?!
Track Name: 2a. Flashback (Interlude)
C0splay: As 1-UP is deep in slumber, he hears an ominous voice calling out to him…

Storyville: You’ve obviously forgotten where you come from

1-UP : Uhhh who dat? (wakes up)

EyeQ : Are you ok? You just randomly passed out and started talking to yourself

1-UP : Dude I don't even know… you didn’t hear that voice?

EyeQ : Dude you’re trippin on something else

Storyville: Soon it will all become clear

1-UP : Uhhhh let’s… just continue on
Track Name: 2b. Sonic Adventure (Ft Sir J)
1-UP: Ughhhhhh my head... what was that flash back about?
*flashing noises*
Arghhhh I need to not strain myself right now
Alright.. Get it together 1-UP, you don't have time to be sitting around here... laying around. Let's just use this radar and find these stones.

Lex Lingo: uhhhhh what's a dragon radar?

Shubzilla: Are you high?

1-UP : No Lex... it's not like that at all...

Lookin at this stage, yo it’s really kinda dope, this place is the home base? This gotta be a joke
Ambush I wish they would, Pinnochio, they should diversify their portfolio
So now I’ll get raw, finnochio, but stay ka-wa-ii - like we Tokyo
My plan's really fool proof poke oke, ripping down the streets so smooth like yo-plait
Looking for the stones, but ya boy's no hobo, That's Sir J?! That's a lovely Robo
I’m just grabbing up rings, feeling blue, things have really changed since Sonic 2
But I ain’t no dummy, monster on the board walk, so now I'm steady running
With a jump and a slide to next points, this box is marked extra fly - for a check point

Do you remember the time? Do you remember the time?
When this planet was full of good times, nothing to fear though, you tried to save us once but you weren’t yet a hero
Do you remember the time? Do you remember the time?
When you had to take flight and escape from the city, dropping rings left to right, it wasn’t pretty

Sir J: Heheeeheeeee!

1-UP: Dude Sir J!! What are you doing here? I thought you were still on the Gamecube world?

Sir J: I’m not sure why but I had a feeling that I was supposed to help you back on the other planet, and this place seems super familiar! Follow me, I’ll show you around!

Welcome to my place, this place we call home, (ask Knuckles) you can find me running all up in the zone
Grinding at the mouth but tonight we on the road, hands up everybody do the crazy robo
Eggman wonder how machines can live so free, well I'm a dirty southern with global circuitry
Take a look around, sharp within the ground, I'm trying to elevate the silo up into the clouds
E hundred series, yes I'm hella proud, chillin by the beach with froggers jumping up and down
Pack em back with my attack if you got killer style, master emeralds round my neck, bigger than wow
Imagidrains'll have to wait, Imma charge em for a while, but if you need my help you know where to find my signature smileeee

Do you remember the time? Do you remember the time?
Do you remember the time? Do you remember the time?
Whoaaaaaa.... Whoaaa whoaaa whoaaa whoaaaoaoaa

1-UP: I’m not sure why, but I have a feeling like these dreams are going to keep coming as long as we're on this world.
Is it the imagidrains trying to infiltrate my brain or is it some sort of sign? Either way, I just gotta keep pushing forward...

I feel like I’ve been here once before, and I think there are powers, I must absorb
But something seems off bout the evil king’s brother, I think we have a link like we have the same mother
But that’s crazy talk, or is it? no time to waste though... gotta get busy
I got these flash backs, but they short like a hatch back, I remember seeing power stones yo we gotta grab that
Pair em with the powers we gotttt on the other worlds, haven’t failed yet so we’ll give this thing another whirl
No they can’t despise, eyes on the prize, If you wanna be us keep hoping guys
Hit some lows and some highs, on the Saturn world we rose from the pits to the skies
It’s the strength in our crew, no it ain’t about the size, And I really hope that you’re gonna roll with us W!SE

Sir J x 1-UP:
Yeah Ugh Ohh yeahhh!! Yeah Ugh we'll keep the beat alive!
Yeah Ugh Ohh yeahhh!! Yeah Ugh we'll keep the beat alive!
Remember the time? We'll keep the beat alive!
Do you remember the time? Ohhhh yeahhhh we'll keep the beat alive yeahhh

1-UP: Yo I think I get it now… Sir J, I know it's going to be a huge favor to ask but will you stick with us a little while longer and help us find this king?

Sir J: Any day, you know I’m down to clown my friend. We may even run into a few of my friends - we usually hang out in this area.
Track Name: 3. Cannon Spike (Ft Shubzilla & Press B)

If they show up, yo we keep em locked down
If they show up, we keep em locked down
If they show up, we keep em locked down
If they show up, that Canon Spike keeps em locked down

I'm going on, and on about some crazy s***, through all these worlds and outer space we've taken crazy trips
We're searching for these Power Stones to try and bring the power home
No bodies on lock, so let's go and check another zone
Over my shoulder, I hear a KABOOM a wild mecha's running crazy and it's clearing the room
Switching mode from exploration, to attack man, get back man, when you running round these parts like a fool you probably gonna get smacked man
Got the homie Shubzilla the thriller slicing faces, like pacman better check yourself this cat's a straight killer
Stay cracking jokes even when I'm dodging bullets, 1-UP's business in the front, party in the back like a mullet
Strap up these boots keeping space guns slanging kid, I'll leave you like a Naruto ninja - have your arms dangling
That's one leg down, Press B to attack, he just showed up with a super man that dude got my backkkk

Press B:
I slice em up like Vega, Nintendo no Sega I got so much resistance call me the circuit breaker

I'm getting Power Stones, I grind em into dust,

If they show up, yo we keep em locked down
If they show up, we keep em locked down
If they show up, we keep em locked down
If they show up, that Canon Spike keeps em locked down
Track Name: 4a. Flashback Taking Losses (Interlude)
Storyville: You’ve fought this battle before… and lost. Or have you forgotten?

1-UP : Who are you? A cap, I used to have a cap… and a stone?


1-UP : No time to explain I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING...Let’s go!
Track Name: 4b. The Power's Only Found Within The Stone (Ft Kadesh Flow, Lex Lingo & Sir J)
Lex: So what the heck are we doing here?

1-UP : I’m not exactly sure, but I know that these flashbacks I keep having have something to do with the power stones.
Even crazier is that I made sure we had four people here, come on man you think that’s a coincidence that there are four floors… And I brought four people?
But being serious... my guess is… I think if we find 3 of them I can figure out what happened here up to now

Kadesh : Well.. I mean pony up dude what are we waiting for then?
Alright let's do this 1-UP
My strike is so pretty they're closing their eyes they stay calling me viewtiful
Imagidrains brag on their power but only have fluff like a Moogle do
Blasting them they're bending over might as well be asking what lube'll do
I don't have time for the usual, I'm with 1UP and we're here to send evil to pools of doom

Step to me, you will go full Rekoom, that means you'll be bending over my elbow and spewing pools
Freon inside me, I'm super cool, absolute zero the way I murk 'magidrains, moving through

Bodies and bodies, spot me a shotty
I gotta put these haters on blast, this time it's even more personal, had the nerve to take ya boy and make me forget my past, but I've got Whiplash
I'm Simmons with the lesson plan, ruling this class, you ain't meeting my demands, better dip fast
The team is hunting facts, cuz they held the truth and we're here to tug it back
I used to be the one the good guys would come attack, but now I'm with 1-UP climbing to remove the curse
This is your classic game beat em up, I punch em till they side scroll like a visit to Viewtiful universe

Lex Lingo:
Desh done did it, now I'm ready and I'm in it, so I'm kickin down the door and I bust a back flip
Trip a couple minion dudes, sneaking on my ninja moves, snappin up a lamp or two and then I look around the room
And I noticed for the moment everything is motionless and I know something's wrong, I'm never calm, stay strong and I wait for the storm to come

Sir J:
We ascend up a flight of more stairs
And we know enemies might be there
But we never gon' fear or be scared
Stompin all the enemies: make 'em rare
This tower's built on evil thrones
We'll over throw em 'cause
The Powah's only found within the Stoooone

Lex Lingo:
Dart in my arm dart in my leg dart in my chest! Pain in my heart fall to my knees covered in sweat
Is this really how it ends deep in this tower just chasing these Power Stones? Now I'm surrounded they think I'm a coward I give them the lucky two power throw
And I was biding my time, picking up mine, I'm super saiyan now
It's nearly over the walls are spike rollers the floor's a conveyor belt
And only a minute ago they were laughing now I'm the one smiling, quickly their bodies are piling, I bet they regret that they tried me

Sir J:
It's W!SE, ya boy SIR J
Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, same coin, different change. not just a mask, ready to adapt in case
a trap kitty-kat try to pitty-pat whack attack
knock us offa the map, but nuh-uh, got a snap back hard hat thinkin' bout gettin the job done
rid of these punks, tryna ruin our groove, by locking the funk within a card stack (UHN!)
So bring em all out, fillin up the hallway, make these 'magidrains scream for Yahweh
Got the god-mode luck, Sorry, but your chance of defeating us: hardly
this room got me snoring, their special attacks so boring
just let us pass on through, lest I have to Gun Rock Curbstomp some typical goons
Ay, move aside my darling!

We ascend up a flight of more stairs
And we know enemies might be there
But we never gon' fear or be scared
Stompin all the enemies: make 'em rare
This tower's built on evil thrones
We'll over throw em 'cause
The Powah's only found within the Stoooone

Now it’s the final floor, I'm feel some nostalgia, but… 1-UP’s here to smash imagidrains (SMASH) Gallagher
They don’t wanna show their faces…caz they know just how I'll rock them, I’ve stopped them short in every single battle, John Stockton
I’ve dropped a lot of dimes, now we're quarter back keeping, and you’ve made your bed I’ll lay you to rest, go ahead commence the sleeping
With a BLAST, and a BOOM I’ll kill ya... that's an onomatopoeia, I’m the last face you’ll have a face off with and the last one you’re ever gonna see bruh

Sir J:
(Ooooh-weee I'm)
Back again! Flow to the attic! OH! Is that another boss? Lemme at it
Kadesh goin' around so erratic, jukin' all these grunts, man they never gon' catch him
Now they dizzy: losin their balance, their interest, man we drown it
In a rapid-fire automatic tag-team beatdown, bankrupt, make their account tragic

LEX drop-kickin the gold bars, makin fodder seein' a load of stars
Now they startin to back away, you can run and take cover but you'll never get far
1-UP, man, I think we are fine, once again, we took out the crime
But yo I ain't even surprised: With a team of these guys pwning noobs is a day in the life!

Now I will bring in the heavy guns boy you had better not.. step to my face or you’ll surely be getting rocked
The power of Gun Rock the quickness of Wang Tang, you dudes be like Kraken, suckin on Wang-Tang
The tower’s ascended It’s come to it’s pinnacle… Their story’s the same I ain't trying to sound cynical
It’s been told before biblical, it's integral
We’ll be the first to take them down, aborigine, bring the three stones together like jewelry polygamy
No joint probability, just a squad that brings beatings so hard it tests your body’s malleability
Knocks your ears from your body, I don’t think you’re hearing me, we're pushing the theory of general relativity

(Because the power's in the stone)

Power Stone 2... Obtained

Kadesh Flow: Uhhhhh so why are you narrating yourself bruh?

1-UP: Can I just have a moment of glory? Please.
Track Name: 5. Shenmue (Ft C0splay, Sir J, SilverJ & JJ)

C0splay: As another dream ensues, 1-UP is starting to realize that these dreams are actually fragments of his memory...

1-UP: Ugh... my head again...

C0splay: 1000 years in the past...

Future 1-UP: Yo where am I!? LEX! SHUBZ!!! W!SE!! I am thoroughly confused right now...

Past 1-UP: LET’S GO GUYS! This is our only shot! If we don’t execute this mission correctly.. the whole universe is doomed

Future 1-UP: Is that me? I mean it looks like me… but I’m me…. And it sounds kind of like Creative Flux. I guess I'l just go ahead and trail him, maybe he knows where everyone is. Looks like he’s about to explain their plan...

SIR J: Well hurry up and summon those creatures you like to make
Future 1-UP: IT'S SIR J!
SIR J: And let's go SMASH that symbiote

Verse 1
Past 1-UP:
Time to go guys, we gotta get it, this evil's a terror, it’s our job to wreck it
I’ve brought you all here, you’re my loyal minions, we’ll die if we have to don’t need your opinions
Gathered power stones, where're your powers now? And I’m feeling such a surge flow inside of me I won’t stop this battle til' your power’s gone
We ain’t seeking peace, we ain’t Ghandi, I trying to land a final blow like Lan Di
He's killed off all my people, don’t care what he wants B, we'll bust on through, I don’t think he wants me
Got our powers, see that tower? Storm the floors yo, we can’t cower
All the training that we did, is crucial to this battle’s win
Summon to the left, summon to the right, more imagicreatures, summoned to the fight
Might be a long shot we will see if this dream lasts, we gotta be fast, to save the dreamcast
We’ve struggled hard, let’s save our families, I’d exchange my life for theirs, heh gladly
You know the plan, don’t ask me again, knock em to the stone age, like bam bam,

Future 1-UP:
Am I freaking hearing this? Yo this can’t be serious, I must be Eddie Murphy caz' I think I’ve gone delirious!
I’m me here? But that’s me too, I better tail them hard to see what we do
I kind of have this feeling... that I’ve been here before but my memory seems to be sealed in...

Hook 1
Past 1-UP:
The past reveals it’s self, you were known as a super being
Powers surging then, that right now... I can’t quite see em
But this vision’s clearing memories, Imagidrain powers, in my past they’re seething
Time go off (I see it) army move on (I feel it) Once we are there, we will bust through the door (Makes sense)
Until we’ve destroyed the evil, and we can save our people (Ok never mind I’m lost again)

Sir J:
(My Man) Just use your mind, look inside
And The Truth is what you'll find
with the Past, Present, Future guiding
you towards the light (alright)
It's time to go on, it's time to move on
'cause once we are there you won't doubt anymore
Once we are there, then you will know, once we are there...

Sir J:
Think about the Vorpal, Excalibur, Masamune, Gungnir
Blades that show the weight of greatness like a cemetery of skyscrapers
The vapors of enduring labor are savory
To a battle-hardened one who knows what he was meant to be
Looking left and right is fine to reflect on tears that appear
But do not slow your might or lose your way due to fear
Learning from mistakes will aid the soul to see clear
But understanding without paying is wisdom beyond the years

SilverJ : The power stones… they will give you the edge you need to succeed
JJ : You must remember 1-UP
Future 1-UP : Arghhhhh WHO ARE THESE VOICES!
JJ : You are still the only hope... for the entire universe
SilverJ : Do not let our deaths be in vain
Future 1-UP : I don’t even know you!
JJ : You know us well…

Verse 2
Future 1-UP:
These voices, and the tower I've trailed)my past to, are revealing a group of people from my past who
Wanna show me what’s been going on first hand like a go pro, but I don’t know, caz a confrontation coming soon bro I’m having flashbacks to a dojo

Chose your path (I'm so confused)
Chose your path (But I gotta do it... yeah)
Chose your path (Help me please)
Got all of my people and friends, who are depending on me

Future 1-UP: So lets zelda, and link my past
Past 1-UP: Once we storm the tower, they’ll be kissing my ass
Future 1-UP: We’ve seen this once before… a four story tower
Past 1-UP: Silver the path is clear, grab the final stone of power

Ch-Ch-Chose your path (I'm so confused)
Chose your path (But I gotta do it... yeah)
Chose your path (Help me please)
Got the whole future of worlds, the are depending on me

Past 1-UP: Here we are, the room holding the final stone..
SilverJ : Let me hack into the mainframe and unlock the case
*Beeping noises computer typing*
Future 1-UP: They had power stones back then? I was an imagidrain? This can’t be right… it just feels like somewhere deep down it is.

Past 1-UP: Silver! Awesome find! You've been a great friend and a great to hero to the galaxy
SilverJ: Look into your mind and remember...
Track Name: 6. Super Attack (Ft Sammus & EyeQ)
Imagidrain monster: “You think you’ve gotten this far off of anything besides for luck? Let me show you true power of an imagidrain general and his army!”
Sammus: “Let me tell you, I am NOT in the mood for this guy right now.”
Eye.Q: “Yeah is this dude is sleeping on us right now?”
Sammus: “Like we’re 3/5ths?”
1-UP: “Hey I mean if you guys want to step in and handle business first I have NO problem taking the leftovers”
Sammus: “I’m about to round this thing up to a whole and take the crown.”
1-UP:“Just another day of games and cartoons for y’all huh”

Arm cannon ready to roll like I’m Mega Man
Imagidrains rush out the door cuz I’m a veteran
I’m feelin’ hungry like a venom fang
And now they muggin’ at each other like yo we need a better plan

Gotta hang with your girl like you an ornament
You can always bet that I’m sure to win the tournament
Got ‘em in the air like Storm or maybe Morrigan
Two seconds later they back up on the floor again

Yeah, So go and get ya top gunners. Guaranteed I got ‘em taking long slumbers

Pete Piper I’m pickin off the street fighters, I’m mad enough to see fires like I’m Scott summers

So we do it… super attack come together so fluid, it leaves you wounded
Bruh we did it, call up your forces, super attack Sammus just straight killed it

Another thing here, it’s quite the pity, we’ll leave him (i)more stripped down than spare parts at computer city
Their mouths keep flapping, so get it cracking, get smacked before they even started attacking
No, this ain’t a mirage, cut imagidrains up (slasshhh) berserker barrage
Just watch when i jump in, bringing rounds like a 12 gauge let's gets some pumps in
We brought it big this time to Sega man, with more versatility than x3 Mega Man
They can’t turn back the past so I let them have it, my squad’s a full house, explosive rounds like gambit
Come on you gotta understand, we were heroes even when we had the underhand
Then we rose from the bottom like an attack from Stryder, take this shoryuken and watch us elevate ourselves even higher

So we do it… super attack come together so fluid, it leaves you wounded
Bruh we did it, call up your forces, super attack 1-UP just straight killed it


Yo... Yo... YO
I'm a monster in a cell caz I'm serving these bars, I'm that creature in your dreams steady leaving you scarred
I'm that, double in your dare
I'm that, terror in your fears
I'm a monster on this mic as I sip on your tears
Don't even know why I'm here you better figure it out, no one will hear all of your screams while I chopping you down
You better go ask around, caz I kill in these bars, and leave you wishing you died with emotional scars
I'm that beast you can't see when you're stuck in the dark
I'm that impact when you crash with sentrifacule force
On this level I'm a boss caz you gotta see me, no continues give me your heart caz this the end of the beat
Track Name: 7. Jet Set On My Grind (Ft Ricky Spanish & SkyBlew)
Creative Flux: 1-UP..

1-UP : Hold on, where have you been mane!? I got a lot of questions for you.. A LOT

Creative Flux: No time for questions right now, you must hurry I feel something ominous coming. If you search these grafitti walls you will find the hidden messages which should lead you to the next power stone.

Ricky Spanish: Hey 1-UP let’s just go don’t worry about it, the important part is finding out where this next stone is.

1-UP : Sigh, I guess you’re right...

Ricky Spanish:

Hook x 2:
Time to jet set, you gonna get wrecked, time to jet set, you gonna get wrecked
Once we figure it out I’ll be whole again, time to be a true hero what’s your role again?

1-UP: Yo check out this graffiti!
SkyBlew: What’s it mea-?
1-UP: (Interrupting) Hold on, that’s what I’m trying to figure out.
Ricky Spanish: Well dang man, dude was just asking a question.
1-UP: I know I know, that's my fault... You know, just going around here and having all of these flashbacks it's just... IT'S BEEN REALLY STRESSFUL I DON'T KNOW WHO I AM RIGHT NOW (T_T)
But since we are friends I will tell you what it says Alalalallaaaa

It’s saying I was the bomb man, But then I had to pause man
Caz way back at the start, I was the one, they selected, to save the universe, but then I was contested
Then was slated for the future to be Recreated, at that point in time my powers were not satiated
I Brought that art that was sharp like tarts, and marks that would make you think you shouldn't start, and then they learned their part
Yeah you rocking this, there ain't no stopping this, 1-UP’s all up in your face like an Oculus
Bringing the bars, outta the world like Mars, speeding like cars, so far ahead my time yeah I broke the charts
But it's fading away, what does it say, ok... I see some monsters on the wall but we already laid them
Down is where I’m looking and I see a stone of power, it seems these were the keys to the thrones and towers
You better get back you ain't know me like that, boy you... better get back caz you ain't know me like that
Doesn't matter who they claim to be, caz what they doing is wrong, I'll shut em down like SAE

Or SAT I passed that give em a flashback, with rhymes exposing they lines piling up kat stacks
My backpack's equipped with dreams so riddle me that, I'm swanking like Hilary my artillery raps.
Grasp on the concept, bout to catch wreck, like a crash test dummy, tagging the wall respect
The architect, young but i'm laying the blue prints, like Steve with a notepad, clueless 2 cents
You keep that. No receipts I beat that, these skates brought me back from space don't delete that.
My seat back, cruising... Art I speak that, sweet tooth quotes from my gums don't eat that
Trash from fast food, dragging ninjas a bad dude, verses out this world I record in a capsule.
Yo Yo... Had to turn it up a notch, A, B, why you think I made her ex wanna box?

Hook x 2 (All):
Time to jet set, you gonna get wrecked, time to jet set, you gonna get wrecked
Once we figure it out I’ll be whole again, time to be a true hero what’s your role again?
Track Name: 8. MADSPACE (Ft Zone Runners)
Sir J: Transmitting rendevouz point signal for ZONE RUNNERS. Please respond.
1-UP: Ooh, I may be a little bit slow right now but, uh, bear with me... What is "Zone Runners?"

Sir J: Yeeaah, my homies I told you about earlier, remember?
1-UP: Oh ha ha, dope! I need you guys' help with something, please!

Sir J: Huh, funny coincidence but we actually need YOUR help, too.
1-UP: Oh really?

Sir J: Well...
1-UP: Spit it out, man
Sir J: Heeeere's the deal!

Ever since a long time ago in a galaxy far away
I've Been Runnin Zones, invadin Mad Space
Imagidrains know I ain’t a foreign name
to Mr. 1-UP since way back in the first game
The wordplay is if you lurk in our way,
Your alien plans are getting re-arranged
We’ve been jamming since the earlier age of emulation
But now I’ve brought the other two to make it rain all up in your face, UH!
Remember I’m the most insane
Bringing Sunshine since the Pokeman days
Try to catch us, end up getting grazed
By the one-punch K-O straight to the Mind frame
Valentine’s mic will decimate
every chaos control freak styling our lane
So halc’s got the brains to insure all stones be getting reclaimed
and then we’ll sit back, relax, and crack a cool drank (ahhh)

Hook (all):
1-UP I’d like to introduce (yo wassup J?)
You to the homies in my crew (yo wassup blud/man)
They helped me get back on the track (ha ha ha Crazy Robo)
So rest assured we got yo back (aaawhhee YEEeeeah)

It’s great to see you once again (you too, man!)
Sorry for crashing in your lands (naw, stop by more often)
I know we’ll have a good time (Where da ladies at?)
If you help me take out these guys (piece of cake, let’s do it)

I need some help in this zone (uh huh)
So I called on the pros (oh yeah)
Let’s get some power stones (mmhmmm)
Let’s rock some emeralds (alright)

He needs some help in this zone (uh huh)
So he called on the pros (oh yeah)
Let’s get some power stones (OKAAY)
Let’s rock the emeralds

DiGi Valentine :
So J, you say you know this guy? (Right!) Alright, well it's on tonight!
Everybody in the place give us some Mad Space, we're gonna blast off and crash on this base
Yeah, things are gonna get hectic, don't sweat it tho', we brought our own medic
Check it, a team up so epic,1-UP want a power stone? Let's go get it!
Hit the Zone running, clear a couple of loops, hit checkpoints, clear a couple of routes
Clash with Badniks, smash up a couple of groups, rest In pieces, 21 gun salutes
Don't need clues from a crap TV, find the computer room, hack a PC
Grab all the info, I roll sneaky, now Chaos Control yo, you can't see me.

:: Dr. halc ::
Yo, coordinates confirmed, fam
I got the fastest route planned like wham bam thank you mam
with the crew at the ready and a extra man
before the next hook that stone will be yours (yeaaaah)
but a little badnik interference may be at hand
and I ain't really got the patience so let me take the lead and land
a spindash, right jab, uppercut, homing attack, watch me turn my back and prepare to explode (boom)
that's how we roll in this crew, dude,
no mercy, no prisoners and a big loot
treasure hunters searching for some nice jewels
warlords of the zone, reckless when we sail through
sometimes its best to just BACK UP
'less you wanna fuck with 1-up and ZR's (whaaaaat?)
dawg, we takin your stuff

So... it’s... been... a...
Long Long time since NES 1, more like a few weeks it’s almost over and done
Keep the sunny side up, the way these homies ride up, these brothers always right, just watch the way we glide up
I'm really glad that me and J met each other, right now this mission’s like bread and butter
Breaking containers like an egg... Man, gaining powers you'll never with... Stand
Keep it real cool with a party vibe, killin fools but some how we keep this party live
Flipping em out making em shout, when I make em pout these scrubs get popped like twerking yowwww
With these four beasts we’ll find it with ease, search at 34 North and like 23 east
If Imagidrains show we burnnnn em like rubber, should have thought fore you crossed 1-UP.. and Zone Runners


1 to the UP
2 killer flows
3 dope Runners are ready to go
Imagidrain Army
you should've stayed home
You made a mistake runnin up in our zone

1-UP: Oh my God, I can't think you guys enough! Ah, that was so awesome.
Here's that Chaos Emerald I promised you guys.
We spent a lot of time getting it on NES 1, but I think it's going to be in good hands.
Wanna run again sometime soon?

ZRs: Aaaaww YEEeaah

1-UP: Bet!
Track Name: 9a. Self Realization (Ft C0splay, Lex Lingo & Shubzilla)
C0splay: All of the dots start to slowly connect for 1-UP as he realizes his role in this
Quest, and to the universe

1-UP : I’ve been here before...
Lex: What do you mean. This is literally the first time we’ve been to this planet since we met.
1-UP : No, I mean like a long time ago.
Shubzilla : Ummm are you high?
1-UP : No - all of those flash backs are starting to make sense now… the reason why I kept passing out.
Lex: Well damn, I mean let’s hurry and go in and fight this dude
Track Name: 9b. Sonic Adventure 2 (Ft Lex Lingo, Tekforce & JC of the Broken Pixels)
Lex : Ohhhhhhhhh I’ve been waiting a while to kick your ass man…

Tekforce: Really Bruh? This is the last guy we gotta fight
JC: Man you know Lex just goes with the flow
1-UP: Bruhhhhh. Ok Tek can you handle them for a hot minute?
Tekforce: I got you man, how long do you need me to hold em off?

1-UP ain't ready for the speed demon,

1up: Foes intertwined, or maybe a copy
Imagidrain King: I’m taking your lives, who’s going to stop me
Both : You're Evil, You're a hero (x 3)

You tried to take us over, and over, and over again you failed man, lost your entire army like a chao you never ever fed... damn
We’re in tact though you thought we were dead, you tried to sneak up in our heads, but in the end we pulled a Shadow... you got tricked you with a chaos control instead (giggity giggity)
You fell short, Tail’s mecha jump, gonna save the whole world like I said from the jump, loaded up and going off (Chicka) pump from a shotgun, we got 3 power stones... you ain’t even got one
Went Rouge and searched, all over the place, now I’m bursting with power all over you face (ahhh)
That’s my mental sauce, so many game songs you’d think that I was Brentalfloss
Grew my party, means we got more hands, power’s more sick than 4chan
You talk mighty and high, we’ll bring you to the floor man “Imagidrainssss” your crew will get floored man

Imagidrain King:
You think I’m a bore? I'll will (i)leave you all in pain, by making sure that everything in your life remains the same
Taking these minds over boy I have no shame, consistency is all you need you should know by now that this is all a game... To me, I ain’t gonna delve, into any specifics, I ain’t trynna sell, you NOTHING, so take me down quick, I’ll even let you rush in

Who's the original copy who is the physical who's making digital proxies
Minions are pitiful thinking you’re mythic your mission is typical minimal sloppy
Bringing it to you now literal miserable fear in your body I’m sorry its visible
Your ass is billable confidence fictional, we ain’t convinced you're invincible
We'll bring you to shame and bring you the pain getting fame off of some others name its the principal
Battling us was insane invade your domain and set you aflame, lame
Ending your reign, end your campaign blow Imagidrain king out the frame,
Simple and plain you should have refrained when 1-UP and crews in the game J

Imagidrain King:
You silly humans, I will fight you all at once... The universe will be mine.

1up: It all ends here I’m bringing the light
Imagidrain King: If you think that you can, so start bringing the fight
Both : You're Evil, You're a hero (x 3)

**Fighting Noises**
Imagidrain King: ARRGGHHH Curse you!!
1-UP : Sucks to suck don’t it bro
Imagidrain King: Creative Flux, you were behind this??!?! I should have killed you when I had the chance brother.
1-UP : Yes we did it!
Creative Flux : Wait, something seems odd
C0splay: They think that their work is done, but I wouldn’t
celebrate too early as the true terror is about to reveal itself
Track Name: 10a. The Rejoining (Interlude)
C0splay: 1-UP will soon learn how important it is to understand the entire story before acting so brashly

Storyville : Hahah you don’t get it do you? You’ve lost this battle so many times and you just ended your only chance of fighting!
1-UP : What?
Final Boss : The Imagidrain king is you!!! I split you up 1000 years ago when you came to fight this same battle!
1-UP : So he, Creative Flux and I are of the same being?

Storyville: That’s right! You are part creative, part logic and part hero. I knew once I dismantled this balance of yours I would be free to reign terror over the universe. It just happened to an added bonus for me to have king Imagidrain join my side, either way you have slain him

C0splay: It’s a long shot

Storyville: So all hope is lost!

C0splay: But 1-UP might want to use those handy dandy power stones to rejoin himself!!

(1-UP fuses back together)

1-UP: Whoaaaa, check me out... I'm looking GOOD! I can see why you wanted to separate me! Wellll ahhh let's give this thing a go!
Track Name: 10b. Virtual On (Ft Storyville)
1-UP: So YOU'RE the true evil.
Storyville: Well it looks like we have an interesting and unexpected development here
1-UP: Everything I've fought for since NES1.. no SCRATCH THAT ... MY ENTIRE LIFE! Has lead up to this moment, and your reign of terror ends NOW!

Now that we’re whole again, brah you ain’t scary, Intolerant to your spell I reject it like diary
Been doing this thing since NES 1, and we’re ready to run, it’s you’re final call… get ready you’re done
Remain steady causing deadly harm, You’ll think I was Gundam Wing When I transform into Grysvok yep I’m bearing Heavy Arms
(Blop Blop Blop Blop!!) Yeah I got you on the run B, when I finish off your powers, the universe will run free
Don’t think that you’re getting me, you ain’t fretting me, it’s my destiny, (ugh) to be the jet setter that rides the radio waves to their minds so they get it see
How you destroyed their planets, just let them have it, made em panic
And then you turned every living thing to your drone, that’s just as tragic
As death, from a cliff where you took a tragic fall, following a path that’s not yours? heh that ain’t life at all
Just gotta do it one swish, dig your grave, one ditch, not Ray J… but all we need one wish

We have to Transform like it’s Virtual on, We gotta transform like it’s Virtual On
T T T T transform, T T T T transform, T T T T transform like it’s Virtual On

I've been around since the beginning of time, a primordial immortal when dark split from the light
Fragmented what the universe was made of, what you call creativity's a manifest of chaos
To you I might be evil, but it's not simple is it, people are temporary, I'm trying to fix infinite
And piece the pieces of the puzzle back to burst your bubble, I'm trying to save existing, not cause trouble
See free will is energy that can't be contained, it makes the universe expand... let me explain
Imagination is bigger than the mind it imbues, it's as if 1 + 1 becomes greater than 2
And if it's not destroyed then we chase the void, since you're in my way, my power will be deployed
Enter my full form, I summon a cosmic storm and use my gravity bull to blast meteoroids
I walk across the multiverse my multi-syllable super symmetrical string theoretical quantum pulse
Rip out your soul and leave a black hole in your wake, make gods and galaxies shake and eternity break

1-UP: You may have defeated me once, but don't let that fool you. I'm much stronger, wiser and practical than I was before... Let's get it...

I’m bout to emulate you bro from morning to night, every time you kill 1-UP he’s coming back to your life
Logical, practical and creative that’s my trinity, my name means extra life, so your boy right here’s INFINITY!
I gotta lotta weapons like that jounin girl ten ten, short and long range for fighting, the perfect starter Temjin
I’ll transform put my shield up, and make you spill guts, you’re done barking orders to us now, like Jabba the hut
Doesn’t matter what you think, I’ll leave my mark forever like I penned myself in ink, go ahead and let that sink… in
Fused with power stones, star sprites go head and let me see, I got a whole crew behind me, bro I’m repping NPC
Now I’m bout to fire off in your neurons, give a Rick James slap that’s four fingers plus lake Huron
Better set Storyville free, before my team blasts, we're kind of the perfect movie, known as dream cast (Dreamcast)

**Fighting noises and epic battle blasts up in space and schtuff**

T T T T transform, T T T T transform, T T T T transform like it’s Virtual On
We have to Transform like it’s Virtual on, We gotta transform like it’s Virtual On
T T T T transform, T T T T transform, T T T T transform like it’s Virtual On

Weird symbiote:

Storyville: (Now free from the spell)... where are we?

1-UP : Well…. I could explain, but I’m not sure you’d even believe me.

Storyville: I don’t know where to start… we were fighting? I am the true guardian of this universe. I must thank you and your friends for your efforts, I guess him taking me over has caused the universe created nothing but trouble. I have a lot of work to do to fix the wrong doings it brought.
To each of you I bestow the mark of the hero, this mark will allow you to warp to any planet in the universe. But, I expect you will all help me in spreading the light back throughout the universe…

Steve: And with that final blow, 1-UP and his friends freed the guardian from the evil symbiote, 1-UP became whole again and the universe is now at peace concluding the NES series.