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1-UP is back with his second retro based CD - The SNES. After much research on mixing and mastering and practicing his flow, he has teamed up with hip hop artists all over the country to bring you a portal back into your childhood


released September 1, 2013

Special thanks to artists who submitted verses:
Alpha Riff, Doug Funnie, MC Ohm-I, Phantastik The Phenom, Simon Sed, FanFiction, Eye.Q, Ill Gill, Josh Krow, 2 Mello

And thanks to the producers of the beats:
Beaker Sullivan, Raisi K, Creative Mind Frame, K Blaze, Twitchez2K, Kutrb, BigGameHit, After Touch Beats, Pelicane, Cutta Chase

Mixing and Mastering : Creative Mind Frame



all rights reserved


Creative Mind Frame Dallas, Texas

Ex Track & Field All American - Business Process Engineer - Nerdcore Rapper - Jazz Musician


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Track Name: An Underdog's Agenda

Parade Announcer: “Ladies and gentleman… Now introducing.... 1-UP!! He's defeated some of the top world fighters to earn this title, and now stands before you as your new world fighting champion!”


Verse 1:

Level one, my skills gone bring the biters on, even when the spits are the soul center for a fighter’s song
Whatever character you chose, the fighting spirit will grow, slowly emerging from the concrete, just like a resilient rose
With a Fatal Fury, I hit the Streets of Rage.. and quickly rose to stardom (STARDOM!) with my Mortal Kombat reputation – Johnny Cage
The money, The cars and the ladies, yeah I had it all, Never thought I would ever come to see the curtain call
Next thing I knew my ego came and took a final bite, I lost it all… man it's time to get this Final Fight
From the depths of the jungle, to the pyramids in seclusion, I spent years, blood, sweat and tears bypassed the illusions
All to become the greatest ever... ever ever? my bonds I severed so that forever I can protect... whomever, or whichever and whatever battle comes my way, without any challenges whatsoever

This here? The agenda of an underdog
Yeah I gotta be mean!
Rise back to glory to take over the scene
Rhymes... out spoken - I leave your ears broken – Down. Right. Fierce. Hadoken!
It’s the underdog, agenda above all of these other things, they can’t understand caz they some underlings
The under dog... "The Under Dog!"

"Your time has come – ready move on to the next level"
"Round... 2!"

Verse 2:
After the time has passed for my training, I’ve grown to the mind of a veteran, more skills at my disposal and Soul Caliber makes me a better man
Strapped up I hit the streets, to find my clone and leave him burned quick, When they saw my return their heads spun so fast, like Spinning Bird Kick!
It’s all a game at this point I spit some yoga flames, they Terry Bo(guard) so Fatally wound them in their body frames
They muttered in silence "What the hell are you?"
I replied "The merciless underdog that freaking found you"
Scooped up his phone, I had made a killer choice, hit the dial back only to hear a familiar voice

"Boss: Did you take care of him?
1-UP: Hmph, I’ll go ahead and answer that with a nooooo they didn’t
Boss: You’ve been gone for years 1-UP – I now own everyone and everything in this city – I strongly advise against opposing me
1-UP: I’ll go ahead and tell you that you what you need to do... You really need to take your ridiculous self... first you take my car, then you take my money then you take my women.."


"We request that you take a rest from excessive head nodding, the music will resume shortly after this itermission... thank you"

Riding the Elevator to the boss:

Lady thinking: "Who is this guy in the elevator?"
1-UP: "This is a really long elevator ride..."
Lady thinking: "He might take my bag"
1-UP: "No lady I'm not going to steal your bag"
Lady thinking "Did he just read my mind?"
1-UP: "Gosh. Freaking people these days... 5th floor please"

Verse 3:

With the Instinct of a Killer, and the mind of a genius, traced that call and covered the ground which lies between us
A castle in the sky with a sign which said the tower zone, I reached into my bag and leveled up with one of my Power Stones
The Melee, and the Brawl, which was sure to see me smash the best, made em sweat my Tekkenique like Marshal Law, when I had to smash the rest
So I… went sneaky like a Gaiden, no drumin a storm but bringing the shock to em like I’m Raiden
Body after body, elixirs, and the potions, burst my way through the final door, with a super motion!
But the last and final boss, it wasn’t my evil ego, was my training parter growing up betrayed by my own amigo

1-UP: "What are you doing here? It was you all along?
Boss: "You don’t know how to use your powers, such a waste. We could be kings amongst men and rule the world… give up this righteous act and join me. Together we will be unstoppable!"
1-UP: "You are out of your mind. Don’t you remember everything master taught us?"
Boss: "I do, and that is why he is a fool. I’ll kill you like I killed him."
1-UP: "You son of a…"


This here, is the agenda of an underdog
Yeah it’s gotta be done!
Gotta kill my homie, no matter how the story is spun
Rhymes out spoken - I leave his face scooped in - Right….Down. To the midle... Shoryuken!
It’s the underdog, agenda above these other things, didn’t know… this is what the freaking future brings
The underdog, the underdog..


Boss: "You fool! We could have been gods!"


Try the game on another difficulty level for additional features!
Track Name: Koopa Swag (Ft PTP and FanFiction)
FanFiction: ( X2)

Kill The Koopa Troopa
Knock down the castle
Raise the white flag, I'm killin your Koopa Swag
Say What?
That's ya Koopa Swag
Caz I'll be stompin all you haters like Koopas... Dag


They still sleepin on me – it’s got me baffled, y’all babies on the fence like the crawling around in iggy’s castle
Dustin em like them dry bones, some dead fakers, You foos just some boos, I see you haters
1994 sneakin past my parents to the living room, hear me singin soon when I put them koopas in their tomb
Speedinnn through the fire, nastier than baby bein born, Stompin koopas from Vanilla dome sendin em to the morgue
Anddd I’m always known as super clever, flyer than a super feather, gimme a star it’s even better
Secret stages man I gotta pick, click! turn on the star road… first we gotta go and turn the yellow switch
The forest, of crazy places and illusion, had me runnin in circles Tyrone Biggums like this dude was using
Words for you are bullets that's a hastle, if that's the case I'm busting more shells than a Koopa's Castle

Hook x 2


Spit the high up, gotta knock em off the platform, Mario 64 Steel body rare form
If they got wings then you best believe they gettin torn and stomped until the bottom of my foot looks like creamed corn (Gross)
(Line unknown due to Jamahl not sending lyrics)
Must be kidding him, look at the king, see what he did to them? He supposed to be scared a murderous mushroom midgets shimmying?
At the top of my game Wii-U, no ambulance, better call one caz really you don't stand a chance
Too advanced, warp zone, in the flesh, smash the rest and if you ever feel the need to test
Then asked Morton, Lemmy, Ludwig, Roy, Larry, Iggy, know Wendy got destroyed
Even with this merchandise it's not a game or a toy, always put in work so we never unemployed yeah

Hook x 2
Track Name: The Protagonist (Ft PTP)

At the start I'm probably a troubled kid saying bite me, At school you see me geeked up? trick I might be
When you really need a hero you think I'm unlikely, but I'm protagonist for a reason don't take me lightly
When the danger comes I'm the dude that never folds out, I'm ready with my crew yeah we primed, and then we roll out
Gun slinging like lagen fire beast Spyro the Dragon, then I'm comming and burnin the trails like Oregon jump on this wagon
Antagonist from hell and this dude it really sickens us, you need a true hero well I'm flyer than Kid Icarus
And through the toughest of battles man I will never fall, Got so many lives that they think I had seven Dragon Balls
Got the power, of Shenron and Porunga, Double Dragon beat em up before I put em under
Then I make em Madden (Mad and), they way I had to juke em, They put up they dukes but you know I have to I nuke em
Now the situation's getting a lil more dire, can't stop now because I just hit my Strider...
Hiryu (Here you) go, now you know hero's bringin mora, than big feet to fill heres a Kingdom Heart Sora
And in the filler man you know I'm gone be a hoot, with an interwoven story - Crash - Bandicoot
But whatever the trouble boy you know I'm on it, faster than the speed of sound just call me Sonic
And it's bout to be an epic battle man I wish, over from the start when I hit em with the dragon fist
SNES PS even SEGA man, you're my boy blue, buster, Megaman
Your vision got cloudy, why can't he see, even if you were first man I'll always be the Final Fantasy
and every time I save the world man it's pro bono, so selfless, no photos, no time Chrono

I'm the Protagonist here dude I'm colder than Ontario , On a road to the stars, hah just call me Mario
Cast an Ice and nicely hit em if they do me wrong, I'm the king of the country call me Donkey Kong
Turn my stealth on you'll never see me settle here, a snake in the grass call me Metal Gear
Sometimes I be serious and sometimes I be goofy, but I'll always be a king MD Luffy


From low levels, humble beginnings to help the people ascending in my village are trembling
Don't know how this is ending, Plan on winning no pretending, at first I was tremblin and cringing, but look at me now
Back strong head high voice full of power, Traverse the Earth for that final hour never cower
For pride, for honor for legends, for your futures while we fight in the present

Boss: You may have won this battle, but you'll never find your princess... she's in another castle. Good luck fool. MUHAHAHHAHA.


Boots and shields really not for me, tuck the secret scroll then I head to the East
Heard word plenty clans plotting getting the peace, then I keep my skills sharper than a sword in a sheath
Unleashed like Afro if opposition can't take a hit, most important mission thought a weak link was sent?
But since we're on the subject let me tell you what I sense, fear's scent, didn't know I had a beast in your midst
Thunderous roars, as the clouds above collide, I start to sweat, feel something awaken inside
This is what it took to realize potential, strength rings out like gongs at the Shoaling Temple
Not coincidental no indecise, See fools reuse my journey to test my might
My mind's eye sights unequalled so for the people we'll battle to see who's more lethal


Now we're switching seasons and I think you really getting wise, can't go Super Saiyan now you're Vegeta and you're switching siedes
But I'm always ahead of the game, do you got me? You will always tail me my name is Uzumaki
Now that you mention, of the heroes we dispensing, a lot of tension for that guy called Rurouni Kenshin
Try to cover up so I hit em with the best coat, Light, Yagami when I kill em with the Death Note
Talking bout the after life these dudes they really gotta know, I'll shoot em down rei gun spirit Yu Yu Hakusho
Multi spirit Ichigo slice em like a death god, my words are Zanpakuto in the form of head nods
You're about to meet your end and be Reborn you talking "how soon?" No need for all the details just remember this "Ciaosou!"
At the end of the day bad guys don't really get em, but I'll find n burn em all call me Ash Ketchum

Track Name: Will You Be My Princess Peach?
Intro - This song goes out to my Princess Peaches, Y'all know who you are...

Verse 1:
One year later, more better and more clever, love for games is like diamonds, goes on forever
Skipping to hopping it, my knowledge going to dropping it, it auto shifts my soul, so I will never be stopping it
I slow it down so y'all can hear me... turtle beaches, Dedicating this song to the gaming girls, my princess peaches
Girls with all the features, who smarter than all the teachers, gives me a fever, she a pro, we can create some gifted creatures
I love all of you ladies and I want my second player in which planar will I find the girl who kills in team slayer
That won't give me snake eyes if I'm holding dies, I'll hold the temple down with her all day... golden eye
Calling all my ladies who like to rock the cosplay, we can take it back to my place, and have a little soiree, a party, or partake in a little gaming and gettin gone, girl you know if we do it's on like donkey kong

2 x Chorus:
To all my nerdy ladies , (I gotta say one thing) You girls you be so fine
Throw that tv on, (you brought you own controller?) it must be a sign

My first crush? It's gotta be the pink one (pink one), Amy Jo Johnson, what, you think son?
I was Five years old, when I saw that mid section, if it existed I probably woulda had a kid erection (boing!)
I holla at these girls but nothin to fear though, they can be Relena Peacecraft... 'caz I'll always be their Heero
They watch me rise, then they catch me when I fall, when I die she don't stall, she knows she gotta gather dragon ballz
Either way you know you got me (Yeah you got it girl), Lightning like FF13 girl you really shock me
Then.. she cast a cure 'Imma have to keep her, she got the key... to lock my heart - Tifa
And if I bop out, I hope she'll miss this geek, I love these girls so much I even named my car Princess Peach
I'll be her memory card so I can always save her, then Laura in, we can grow old together Tomb Raider

2 X Chorus:

Yeah you can teach me Calculus anyway
Track Name: Star Foxyyy
"I'm getting so swaggalicious they call me Star Foxyy... haha"

Verse 1:

This song no different it's all the same, I'm 1-UP... just love rapping about them video games
Now I see them glarin, my skills they be comparin, such a Fly Fox named McCloud, I even got an Airwing (Air Winggg)
And all them other dudes already dissed em, when I blasted through the Coneria system
They think they see it differently they must be high alto, gave em the bird flu and made em forget Falco
And when the game's beyond control, I stay Peppy all the time just go and "Do a barrel roll!"
They think they seein stars so I wonder what they be on, I bring down like Wolf, Panther and even Leon
Speakers by my system Lylat wanna try that? You so whack, laying back talk a lot of big smack
I'm quick witted when I save the world Star Fox, if you don't like it you can bite me Arbok

Chorus x 2:
Save the world with style, it's Star Foxy
Do it with the swag of a hero that's just my moxy
Think outside the circle, they can't box me
In the end they try to be me, you ain't my proxy

"Alright here we go Star Fox 64"

Verse 2:

Here we go another system upping the polygons, better graphics with the same dudes that we depending on
Game was 'bout 59 dollars and some change, boss battle new mode (hah) they called it all range
Usher in a new era, multiplayer U-Turn, maybe you learn the win is number of rounds that you earn
Ride the airwaves like a big beat in a big sled, beat the notes like the stage and Andross with his big head
I remember playing for hours over at my cousin's place, anytime I won you should have seen my cousin's face
They were steamin, I was gleamin, droppin bombs and shootin the double beams in
Rappin about these games I know there's some enigma, we all know Pigma's a traitor with 4-6 Sigmas
And you wanna see how many guys we pounded? A guess.. the bill you see is over 9000!!!!!

Chorus x 2:
Track Name: Double Dragon Flow

Now my flow so tight, reverse your pants saggin, my left right so fierce that they call me Double Dragon
Bringing out the items to ensure your guys defeat, but you flopped before I even swung... Miami Heat
First I'm gonna shout out my dude William Ayers, oh you don't care? I'll beat your tail, like a drum and snare
Even if you ain't know no better I'm kinda cheesy don't call me cheddar, caz my two player mode always be gettin better
Hope you bought insurance for your face Geico, caz I know, how I go strategic like I'm Teito
You're kinda silly if you're messing with this Billy, knows every stage like I built it Sim City
Even if you come ready with a battle mode, I'll hit up my homeboys... yeah the Battle Toads
I'm smashin all these bad dudes, yeah they gotta fall standin tall Double Dragon like we had every single Dragon Ball

Hook X 2:

Gimme, Double, Dragon, Double Dragon flow more heat than Lebron and Wade's bandwagon
Scoopin up the weapons no ammo lost, beat em up, the thugs to the Shadow Boss
Gimme, Double, Dragon, Double Dragon flow has so much fire leave your ears blackened
Just because you think that you want it Yo Quiero, doesn't mean that you can always be the hero
Track Name: Pokedollar Millionaire
Verse 1:

While you sittin there head noddin to a million, I'd rather pop the red and blue and bump back to Vermillion
Pewter city first I will Machop you that's with no regard, when I spit that fire watch this Ash fall... Charizard
Sneak peak at you, lightning quick like Pikachu the only way you'd win this gym battle is if you cheatin dude
Some say I be blastin noise I may be seemin rude, streamin worldwide Blastoise super effective on your Geo... dude
Talkin water H2O hasth made, your eyes a bit Misty, it's time for me to Cascade
To the Saffron city gotta badge up with some soul power, best like Eli "By the hour" catch me munchin fire flowers
Marshin (marching) up to me like you know me but it's a fallacy, call me Evee the way I come split my personality
3rd grade goin at the speed of light, surrender now or prepare to fight, blastin these lyrics with all my might, from my brain to my Meowth... hah that's right

If you got no Pokedollars go and get your bank up
If you got no gym badges go head and get your rank up
Your mind is kinda Ghastly you must have gone got your stank up
Passed out like a snorlax you must have gone got your drank up
If you try to sandslash me go head and bring your shank up
I'll just have to harden like an Onyx put my tank up
Shock you like a Blanka foreign to you like a Manga, They say I'm kinda Oddish I kindly reply with "Thank ya!"
Actin all Crabby and Gloom I don't suggest you do, that'll just double the friction... Physics... Mewtwo (Mu x 2)
First time you see me lose homie I ain't goin home, if you're tired evolve em, hit em with that Fire Stone
Just when I'm bout to climax and hit erruption, they got lucky got Cinibarred interruption
If they don't get my lyrics, I wonder what they on, pay attention gotta catch em all! Pokemon

Verse 2:

Call me Brock caz you're gonna Be Rocked, in my Pokemon stadium time's up clocked
See me breakin Pokeballs like Johnny Cage, Spittin Earth, Wind and Fire, and also Dragon Rage
You're looking dumb like Damien (Explain) that's kinda lame, I got your Charm-and-errrr now it's spittin fire flames
When things get rough man you know you're droppin down the chute, it's shocking you have troubles when it's time to freaking Exeggcute
No heads up, no signs that means no Cu-bone, my team is off limits... that's Safari Zone
Don't think you're able, to turn the table, but you can keep up the dream, like a Clefable
I drew one hundred and fifty original thought "I'm super cool!" the punchline though is that these kids are freaking Tentacruel
Diglett... Dugtrio, trynna name a few, of my favorites but there will be just one Mew

Track Name: SUPA STARRR!!! ... Kirby.
Verse 1:
24 dudes to absorb can't wait to be em, running to my friend's house... he was Korean
8 Games in 1 was surely an attraction, playing Sub-games just testin my reaction
Time? Is one thing I had we was like freaking 8! Enemis and foes the things we tried to recreate
Transform making helpers finding treasures make it One Piece, Kobe (Kirby) System same animal but a different beast
Now, mirror. Clearer than a Crystal, wisp up in the sky... shooting Plasma Pistols
I really liked, when I was Plasma bringing light but my all time favorite? Was Kirby in the Mic...
Had us rockin on the megaphone, wanna go again? Your call (heh) telelphone
Before the boss gotta turn me to a pedastal, finding all the vegetables and any food that's edible

Yo Kirby Superstar granting Milky Way Wishes
Revenge of this dude might leave you guys in stitches
Was it Spring Breeze? (nope) Was it Dynablade? (nah) Check these next lines though... Dead Giveaway
Colder than Chilly he Wispy like Willy he shining bright, flyer than Birdon he's swording your hurt on but not quite
Cop his style like TAC you better get it right then he'll smash you and your brothers in a Brawl... Meta Knight

Verse 2:
Now I got so many cuts in my rhymes my gaming repertoire, you can't even hang you're so watered down resevoir
Rollin through the Spring Breeze whompin Dedede, Spittin more bars than the candy they was feedin me
Saving the world, I'm really that kind of guy or pink fluffy Kirby, transform into Samurai
And I'm a hero yeah you hanging with the best, all the bosses in area better be ready for this killing fest
Hold, no time for rest I'm going over to the next galaxy caz I gotta save Nova
After killin Marx I was so great they want to bottle me and coddle me they kind of shuned you though, ha, Waddle Dee
Mini games, or main story line, hella fun, is what you really find
Listen though, I gotta big hunch, this line will drop hard... MEGATON PUNCH

Chorus 2:
SNES, Gameboy no BS game so dang good they even brought it to the DS
Break em down demolition, had us on a mission, but then we transitioned only cared for acquisition
When absorbing opposition spit em out with repetition in condition, of a helper (Boom) nuclear fission
The heat of battle rejoin with coalition, to be number one... recognition
Track Name: Ain't No Sunshine In Neo Tokyo (Ft Alpha Riff)

Yo (What?) I'm an 88 baby, still infected by this movement think I had the rabies
Yoooo, I'm sure my gang would agree, these cyber kids just some punks... PLEASE BELIEVE
Locked him in a basement while they test his biometrics, PATHETIC, that they can't withstand psychokinetics
Quit all this crazy stuff you think they know better, the only person that even had your back is Kaneda
If you the man playa what is comin and stopin ya, you're number 1? Then why dudes comin a toppin ya
Back in the day yeah you said you had them jockin ya, then you blew up KABOOM! Get it caz I'm Akira
Hold on let me clarify I mean I let you have it, you're Neo Tokyo I wiped you off the planet
Breakin bricks to rubble, let's a go, rubble to ash dust to snow, nothing's safe from Tetsuo

Hook x 2:
He my boy, but low key though, gotta stop him, save To-Ky-o
Akira did it once so there is a fear that left here Tetsuo will make them shed so many tears
Sorry at the end, his life was like an Outkast, his mind, like the Espers it will outlast
This game serious, there ain't no punchline, this Neo Tokyo where there ain't no sunshine

Alpha Riff:
Track Name: The Konami Code (Ft Doug Funnie)
Konami Code
Doug: Dude Emmanuel, I don’t know what to do about my dog.
Emmanuel: What do you mean?
Doug: She won’t get use the bathroom outside and nothing I do seems to fix it
Emmanuel: Konami Code.
Doug: What? Emmanuel: the Konami Code! You know… up up down down left r…
Doug: I mean I know the Konami Code. But what does that have to do with real life?
Emmanuel: … You seriously don’t know? Will: Knowwww whatt
Emmanuel: If you play the Konami Code it fixes everything
Doug: So if my girl is acting crazy..
Emmanuel: Konami Code.
Doug: If I get in a car wr…
Emmanuel: Konami Code.
Doug: If I’m out of…
Emmanuel: Konami Code. Here I’ll show you, let me grab my Piano. Your foot is still fracture right?
Doug: What the deuce. It doesn’t hurt anymore.
Emmanuel: See!? The Konami Code maynnne!!!!


So let me explain to you a little secret I learned

I met this girl she was actin all wild, I was all smiles, asked for the number and she was all riled
Was extra out of line so I freestyled, compiled a small string of moves so my case she would refile
A trick I picked up at a much much younger age, the same slick move I'd use if I was in the hunger games
Konami Code, yes you heard it right playa playa, made this thing speed up now we playing team slayer
In my mind this situations infinity entendre, that sequence should only work when you're sitting playing Contra
Now when you're given great power, it's always great to use it, with power comes responsibility so don't abuse it
This ain't a movie so I guess I'll go and try it out, Konami code when I went to try and buy a house
All these things, man you know I'm bout to make em mine, (5) so sly, more lives than turtles in time


Was a he-man, and now I am a master of the universe, a master when I'm using verse, the code undid a witches curse
Your puppy died? Go head and use Konami Code, a bunch lives… now you're in the Kami Mode
Your girl cheated? I know man, it really bites, Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right
Signal mayday she's still acting actin crazay, it didn't work? oh wait… CLICK the B A

"Oh she disappeared? Yeah, it must have sent her back to her home on WHORE ISLAND"

I wonder what else we can use this on?

Now we're in another story so I steady stay talking, I'll tell you bout another situation I was jay walking
200 dollars? I said no thank you, crank through this sequence and my money I will bank you
Hopped forward two times and hopped back twice again, two left to right the cop pulled out his writing pen
30 seconds back he was writing me me a ticket, 30 seconds after there was nothing… BLICKET!
I don't even do the dishes anymore, Konami code handles each and every single chore
About this 8 pack, I won't leave you bored, Konami code gave me a wash board core
Ya stayin up late watchin netflix? Konami code works too go try and test this
Man it's the best kid, don't care what the rest did, konami code tested even fixed a broken left rib

Hook 2:
At the ATM no cash? Konami Code. Got a food baby at buffet? Konami Code
When you're singin in the shower there no one in the room, chances are I'm prolly singing some song like Sailor Moon
"Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight
never running from a real fight she is the one named sailor moon"..

Are you seriously singing Sailor Moon in the shower?
Uhhhhh... Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right
What's wrong with you dude?
Track Name: Sorry But Your Princess Is In Another Castle

Now the way I be rock out, don’t think you got ready, I hog the beat like Bebop and bring it hard, (hah) Rock Steady
Underneath the sewers in a New York City, Form a street team with a blue committee
Ain’t blue but they green and mean, they ninjas, and turtles and pizza machines
Leonardo warrior of honor there ain’t no cheap shots, keep lookin… this dude he got no weak spots
Short stop play it all even the catcher, 1 through 3rd base he a boss - Dillon hatcher (who?)
Dillon’s my homeboy, and he’ll keep you on guard, I’ll spit some shards like Splinter while I’m splitin these nerdy bars
When I get in story telling mode you know I’m kinda mellow, but I’ll keep it Nerdcore caz I’m a genius.. Donatello
You listen to 1-UP, and you said he’s just stupid lame, You didn’t understand caz you’re a Krang, just a stupid brain

The world ain’t what it seems, you ain’t never seen, the worlds most fearsome fighting team
Heh, when you’re a lil bit older, you’ll realize the meaning of being useless as a foot soldier
Yo my lines will have you sauced – pizza rhyme, and you know what it is trick – pizza time!
You’ll realize eventually and come around that’s rotunda, just go and yell the victory cry - Cowabunga!

Alpha Riff:

Stockman so fly, they called him Goldblum
Rat King so mousey, they should get a room
Just loosen a Wingnut you got a Screw loose
Aliens are the norm in this batch of turtle soup
You got Dim X for that noted Gen X
Eastman to the Bay, Laird art could’ve stayed
If Bebop and Rock ain’t sure which shell to crack
Just pick the one that makes sense, Leo leading the pack


Crack so many jokes, I called em funny butt, but did so much good I call em JR Honeycutt
Ralph he always wanna fight, Michaelango? He play so much I call that dude DFW Nerd Night
And the good news well I’ll have April report it, I destroy these fools they grunts, I hope, you guys record it
Hide behind a maskkk of dreamssss you can’t face me, They can tell I don’t, really give a hockey puck, Casey
In the first verse I hit you with the pizza rhyme, slip into the past slippery slopin like I’m spittin slime
Ninja turtles in time, I’mmmmm gonna shell shock this line so hard it’ll silence been mimed
Crescendo... megaphone, fine tunes... yellow bone, sewer surfing myself right up. to the technodrome
Started from the sewers now the whole team steppin here, shredder destroyed, never reappear

Alpha Riff:

C-c-cowabunga with a combo breaker
Got my dude Shredder looking like a M-F Vega But don’t hate cause he’ll Sagat on your ass Balrog move set for the turtle killing smash
Up, up, down, down, left right
Konami code, seven lives into the dark turtle night You got your Technodrome stories
Nothing as nice as that redhead shorty
Jumpsuited with a connection to the boys
They got some toys, Turtle Van, Shellraiser
They riding in the creme de la flavor
They think they got it bad, they got Triceraton envy
Busy destroying worlds, teleports i n New York City
Kraang flying in, he wants to steal the show
Got Irma scared, Splinter doing rat-time kung fu Multi-colored foots halting up the traffic
Populace freaking out, Gen. Traag breaking habits


Don't need ooze to give em a bruise, with a side artists of ass kicking don't get included in my muse
Play it cool have a temper that's worse than Raphael, They say I should keep it inside but what the shell
That's why my name ring bells like Lord Nobunaga, take it back ring bells like Hector Salamanca
Breakin backs born to be the cities heroes, more cutting edge than what's wielded by Leo
Bite style's like mouses, got nothin in stock man, think the Baxter's fly? Got the swatter fam
Don't take em lightly, but that's an easy win to me, trust who said it best never lower your eyes to enemies
Keep em hushed like secrets like , Closest thing to perfect 9.95
Splinter told me if I touch beats treat it like pizza eat it and super shred the mic SO BE IT

Track Name: Super Nerdcore Entertainment System (S.N.E.S Ft Simon Sed)

Yeah, Kill streaks are paper let's say I rip em, Beat these kids so bad they brought in Law and Order Special Victims
I'm not a rapper what I do is floetry, what can I say I love rhythmic poetry
If this song were Madden my play would be Run. Sick. So cold you'd feel a draft caz I'm number 1 pick
Bowser, I wrecked, Mewtwo? Been decked. No need for further checks of my bossness... Respect.
When I played against Sephiroth man I was ragin, Blazin Fire, burned his balls off Johnny Cajun
And onto Robotnik who's known as Eggman, with Sonic puttin lead man? I pegged you as a dead man
When they survive my assault I think they're lucky charms, Goin shotgun like I'm Goro caz I'm bearin arms
I make it rain (uh) you just a spritzer, you're girl callin me magic caz E-lix-er

I'm a beast, The games I'm playin, I smash bosses down 3 times Super Saiyan
Disguise it up (up!) like a Comicon then power energy and blow em up (BOOM) Spirit Bomb
Don't understand my terms I'll make em layman's, and watch em die like this was table top gaming
Well I'm a di caz I flow six sides with sick rhymes you better pick wisely, THIS GUY

1-UP: A wild Simon Sed has appeared, hit em with that masterball super effective
Simon Sed: The force is strong with this one
1-UP: Go ahead take it on brother

Simon Sed:

So you think you're boss like Giovanni, I'll rip you so hard that you'll want to see your mommy
I spit heat, fire red you've got nothing on me, try to power me down but you ain't even on beat
You wanna Brawl? Then I'll meet you in the tall grass, but if you ask me, I suggest you fall back
Your crew is Ginyu you think you're dope but you're all whack, blasting you with Kamehamehas, it's a small task
I'll turn you into chunks like Trunks did to Freeza, You're Yamcha I'm Vegeta, your girl will leave you, for me
And that ain't, even my final flash, I'm experienced, traveled to Hyrule and back
I smile and laugh, (haha) at your childish games, killing who's in my way don't care if they are wild or tamed
You men are Androids they're all dying the same and I will Samurai Jack you if you file complaints


1-UP: So here we go, I'm bout to hit y'all with rhythm. And it's about to be super effective!

Street Fight on Nintendo? Or Street Fight on the Sega, either slash your Face-Off Nicholas Cage Vega
They Green with Envy when I Link the Past and Mighty Morph, I'll hit em like the Putties witht his Dark Punch, Ganondorf
Spittin left to right, uppercut you wanna fight son? You're next, after Tyson and M. Bison
If they disobey I'll have em go insane, and tell em I'm a know it all caz I'm the Mother Brain
It's pretty baller coming up with all my gaming buffs, Translation? "All Your Base Are Belong To Us"
I got my chemistry going you wanna test this? I'm a Polymer, a city, you're just a block... Tetris
Even an expert when it comes to the musical games, it's all the same, man I burned Through The Fire And Flames
Dark Lumina you'll never stop me, I'll dash and slash that ass to grass.. Musashi
Track Name: The Kick Starter Track - Super Smash Brothers

So here's the story behind this... when I was in Elementary school. We went to my Mom's Uncle's (place) in Boston, and he gave me and my sister some money. I really wanted Super Smash Brothers and a Nintendo 64, so here is how it went down...

Uncle: Here is some money... for you.
Me: Oh mom, dad I really want to get a 64!
Mom and Dad: No.

1999 in USA, now I'm picking up a game that I'd play all day
My uncle gave me money as a gift I straight blitzed, to the store and grabbed a 64 my mom was super pissed
Sittin on spot so long you see the spider crawl, enthralled hitting link as mario with super fire balls
Then I bring the rain and thunder you will p k-no match, I Ness that is the Rainbolt, or better yet the Zach
Hatin on my nerdiness bro I ain't even tripping, the ladies call me falcon, now they always wanna kick it
Breakin all the targets - now I think you understand, the coordination, yeah it gave this dude some master hands
But back then it was play all night, when you Kirby bringing flight, it was such a delight
Droppin all these items like a raunchy bomb, man I'm kingggg of the country like I'm Donkey Kong
I leave you where the trash goes, crying with some smashed toes, move slow like slow poke, yeah, we on that Smash Bros
If you talking cash hoes thats a tangent like some math pros, putting on all these mad shows, ironed flat just like some bad clothes
All Items off playa now we really talking, 5 minute limit now the clocks tick tocking (That's Kennyi)
1… 2…. Smash attack, if you try to take me down you know I'm bouncing back
well I'll (i)let you have the items and before you called me so mean, being honest your attacks, hurt bout much as a Goldeen's
Platform boarded, Pokeballs hoarded, trophy awarded, speed run recorded

I remember on tv yeah that commercial, was so long ago it makes my heart hurt though
"Me and you and you and me No matter how they toss the dice, it has to be
The only one for me is you, and you for me
So happy together"

Verse 2:

When I play against my buddies man I turn it to their pray day, you couldn't win if you were the million man melee
He's heating up, he's on fire! Marth, listen up like I am your father… DARTH
Can't Link up, they try force (Tri Force) like they know me, you're a rookie... I got... 293 trophies
I beat em till their heart stop should have done some extra cardio, my brother hates how I bring the pain... DR Mario
From Final Destination, I owned in every spot, if you wanna call a bluff Mr.. let's Game and Watch
Oh you mad? Well my characters I let you people pick, even Ice Climbers, you ain't messin with my clique
Back up your mouth, speakin of bein tough, your punches put my ass to sleep - hah, Jiggly Puff
Smash bros melee, I bought my own Gamecube, I'm not Martian yet, but yo, we ain't the same dude
Already said it once so why you trynna snoop us, got so much cash I droppin coins just like I'm Rufus
We'll smash you up so you better take a knee, when brawl came out I missed about three (Days?)
That's an underestimate when my track coach couldn't find me, for a week in college I was on the first floor playing my Wii
Adventure mode, man it really drew me in, throwin poke balls like I traveled to Cerulean

Alright nick, let's move the wii from my room to yours so they don't find me me when I miss practice
Where the heck is this Emmanuel?
I think he said he's sick, he's not in his room though we can't find him though

Coach Morgan is gonna kill me for that one

Bein extra stealthy like a shake and bake, like Doug Funnie, I mean like the Solid Snake
And yeah that year my hurdle times weren't super fast, it was worth it to beat the world of the Super Smash

Ah Kwame, why are you always sitting in front of this game? You must stop you have to do your homework.

Ahhh I'm almost done I'll stop after I get this next trophy

Parents: No you will stop now or I will burn your Gamecube

Me: Alright I'll stop...
Track Name: Retrosystematics (Ft MC Ohm-I, PTP, Doug Funnie, Josh Krow and Eye.Q)

Gettin off of work you know I'm bout that game time, Emulate old school at the same time NES Lame time
Take a trip back in time with the Ninja Turtles, Make 'em deader killin Shredder bosses be like hurdles
These Retrosystematics man I always have it never stop, Blowin on the cartridge like the game was called Super Hot
Changing up the roles Smithy and Smelter, I'm a Superstar Kirby turn y'all into helpers
I give about Zero Fs what racing game you think is best, but you can test my skills in anyone I'll win and that's a bet
Put the cash down now I got em lookin, what I got cookin? A Mario Kart whooping
Can't see right red light green light, blue shell, thunder bolt hit em with that V Bite
Versus on the sticks, I hope you learned though, you got burned the first time Cinder Innnfeeerrnnooo

MC Ohm-I:

I had the N64 with the transfer pak
Pokemon on my GameBoy? I TRANSFER THAT
And I plan to slap gamers when they enter my stadium
Gym leaders or elite 4, I ain't afraid of 'em

Level up and bring my Pokemon back
Yeah, I'm always on track like Pokemon Snap
Hit up Perfect Dark, killin' all opposin' contacts
Then murder enemies in Goldeneye while holdin' long gats

Diss my favorite console and not treatin' it fine?
Then better heed my warnin' while you peepin' this rhyme
I'll start holdin' and beatin' your spine
And I'll sealin' ya mind like Ocarina of Time

I'm an original Smash Brother...and if you ask others
Mastery of those characters what I had covered
Diss my N64? I will handle you cruelly
If you can't bear to be fly like Banjo-Kazooie


Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, when I'm done rapping man you will remember this
Back in the day the games were so good, I'm playing games for hours with these kids up in my neighborhood
These days man we running home to cardio, used to be excited to go and run home to Mario
With 1-UP and Ohm-I we brought them all stars, cut beats no scars we bout to bring it so hard
It's getting heated and they're headed for the certain doom, gotta do a guile hit you with the Sonic Boom
The system, like a nuclear collision or fission, let's try and take it back Collecovision
New story lines.... so bored and you SWORE, to take all that trash out, make it your chore
Retrosystematics, yeah they gonna always last, like Zelda they're a link to the past


So important in my life I refuse to anything but first player or I'll fly off the handle like Vega
In the past before dreamcast I'll take ya, before Saturn or Gamegear when it was just SEGA!!
Had a wrestler's Rage in the Streets where I Blaze by Tiger Fist combos, back spins and... Roller Blades
Before 40 hour a week labor, it was so peaceful back then, since the Zombies ate my Neighbors
See the times we're going back to? Reaching back.. WAY BACK... like the beast arms on Shaq-Fu
Mind Sonic spinning, thinking about ridgid Knuckle action, so many Tails like when I was a Moon Walker, as Michael Jackson
Attacking the rim from full court in NBA Jam, with sense, direction and magnitude, check my Vectorman
Straight to it like 2-D, Used to fake sick to perfect my games so there is no way they schoolin me!

Doug Funnie:

Want to talk games? Talk to the Originators
If you play me, I’m the Motivator annihilator
Cause these basic players always think they got the game
But the game here today aren’t really made the same
Need Tutorials? Is that because you’re wack?
What’s instruction Manual? I don’t think I ever heard of that
Play with power with the power gloves and power mat
Shooting all Moves and ‘Kinect’-ions with the Power Gat
You aint a vet, if you really don’t remember that
Rookies get Punched out like Tyson to a Lil’ Mac
Consider this, the world needed the Konami Code
Like “Take this. It’s too dangerous to go alone”
Cause they know the NES is no easy feat
Whats a game that you beat besides Mario 3
Im the Best, put your skills to the test
Wanna be next, pick me up, the NES

Josh Krow:

12 Years old, school ends and I run out, kick flipin at the skate park while the sun's out
Then after dark, I make a lonely walk, and I'm headed back home to play some Tony Hawk
On the PS1, We had fun, Heavyweight champion there can only be one
So I'm, defending my title in Smack Down 2, and it's a table match I will smash you through
I used to stay up late playin R.E 3, Printed off the walk through from CheatsCC(.com)
Nemesis busting in, you know it scared me, pulled out the magnum quick 180
Final Fantasy it was my favorite game that I had, winning all the games I played of Triple Triad
When I beat you, your favorite card I might jack, and if you got a problem Gun Blade I'll Fight back


Collecovision, we on, 1980s, we on, We the ones that came with game that they are now on
Playin on that Donkey Kong, movin with that Zaxxon, a lot of gamers of today they don't know where we coming from
Chuck Norris - Super Kicks, I bet they never heard of it, Pit Fall 1 and 2 retrogamers coming through
Centipede, Chop Lifter, Deer and the Frogger, 1 and 2 don't even bother
James Bond, Mr Do, Mouse Trap playing through retro gaming like I told you
Pop Eye, Q*Bert, Spy Hunter, Sub Rock, Star Trek, Star Wars
Playing games till my Collecovision gave me... Thumb Sores
So what you know about that? Collecovision gaming track, to all my players where your games at

The arcades where your quarters at, the retro gamers bout to take it back, we put em on the map

The arcades where your quarters at, the retro gamers bout to take it back, we put em on the map
Track Name: Square Enix Time Machine (Ft Alpha Riff)
Everyone! Everyone gather round I have done it!
You've done what?
I have discovered ze secret of teleportation!


Like the land before time roaming dinosaur, Chrono fire hero burning red mame, Lion Roar
Felt a new sensation teleportation, to a new and completely different nation
Woke up on Gaia and thought "This an illusion", realizing my universe just had a hyper fusion
Greetings from Zidane and the Tantalus Theatre Troupe, Vivi and them, were quite a welcome group
I really gotta find, with a million rhymes, how to unwind this twine and get back to my time
And right as that was said, another portal warp, not quite sure where it had led
Woke up finding nothing, surrounded by the darkness, world of Kingdom Hearts surrounded by the Heartless
A world of alchemy and fantasy, tossed into nothingness like a tragedy

One day Imma tell you Imma find it, a way back to my world but till then I'm gonna rhyme it
6, 800 or 1000 to forever, Venture through Square and Enix team up with whoever
Cid, Cloud, maybe Vincent Valentine, find a way back may take ages but I'll never whine
Confine, my success to the finish line Gil and dollar signs, gain experience as I go battle time

"Oh my gosh, where are we? We really need to figure out a way back"

Nobody can live in the world that never really was, but I found some major clues in the twilight world above
Post battle anthem, after fighting Ansem, impaled myself with the Keyblade which was the ransom
Play ya cards right, what is the deal? Transport from the heart to, Kingdom of Zeal
Prisoned by the Queen, but freed by a prophet, Schala who saw the middle ground just like a Hobbit
All my homies excited, we united, but couldn't see right in front of us, far sighted
Gene warp back, cutting no slack, ate us up like a snack just another draw back
Now I'm worrying hard about when I land, to infinity and beyond! Zanarkand
Through the air sledding, no parachute spreading, how fortunate my bedding was the middle of a wedding

Lookin at my kind of like a clutz, we all ran from Seymore, so we could see more butts
Another world I gotta conquer, this time I'm gotta win, been goin in when I destroyin all the deadly sin
And the story cut short again hatchback, time machine magic noise again flash back...

Alpha Riff:

Red mage on the attack
Half melee, magic caster never looking back to the past
Espers outclassed, guardian forces on the path
Mr. 1-UP and Alpha leaping head first through we’re
Running out of time, heartless on the prime
Frog to Crono, X-Strike duality acting sublime
You’re Magus with a Schala on your mind
But I’ll get you back to where you belong, brother
A Dragon Warrior, Erdrick legend like a return to the mother
S-N-E-S, time portals to the best
Sakaguchi’s last story is timeless
You give me a fantasy
I’ll give you a story
To the unwinding ending we’re soaring
Vivi to Zidane
Zell to Squall’s Lion
Through world’s we’re teleporting
A mana’d secret is Flammie
Ocean of stars, sequels unending
Spin the tale, a saga romancing
Keep that key blade at the ready
Zeromus, Edea, Kefka slain aplenty
Stand before you and home
Are you ready?
Track Name: 8 Bit Reality (Ft Ill Gill and 2 Mello)

Alarm clock goin off, and much to my demise, when I open my eyes woke up in game world, surprise!!
My left and my right hand they got digitized, I'm pixels and now I'm quite different in size, that mushroom's a prize, can't you see, I'm Biggie now - hypnotize
Up down, left right,... only two dimensions, I’ll explore…. forward and up the vine, right ascension
Gotta find way home that is the word though, All I'm seein around here are some big mouths – freaking Birdo
Buried deep in the ground a vegetable that you now mock, but if you invert it a WOP City you get a POW Block
I'm really not getting it, and it bequeaths me, I'm standing on the top of backs of these dudes, they ignore and continue on walking beneath me
As I’m wanderin outside I’m seeing shy guys, Slithering round sneaky like a snake, Tryclyde
Until I find my way out, I'm grabbing flags hi rise, stop me fore I escape? keep dreaming wise guys


I woke up one day, in 8 bit reality, is it reality or is it just a fallacy?
I see a heart meter up top, must be vitality, get hit to many times I’ll die ... fatality
These guys actin shy, against the hospitality, the ones you gotta watch out for in actuality
Stay sharp till the end and fix up my tonality, Always tough to the core, that’s ab-normality

Oh my goodness, what the eff is going on here. I'm really starting to get hungry... Oh there's Ill Gill! How are we gonna get out of here dude.

Ill Gill:

Smokin a spliff, tripping the rift , level my ups if you're catching the drift
Shy guys all know I'm quick a diss , like it or not I'm strapped to yo wrist
Solving the puzzles by ringing the bells, Slamming the sucka by bringing the spells
Catching you slipping stealing my lives, I really don't mind I have plenty of guys
Illy so silly and stuck in the zone, reppin VR in my hollywood home
Snes is my kind of chrome, if the girly don't play then I ain't gonna bone
Haters all fading us, playing this gradius, area is pi times the square of the radius
check it I wreck it snes skills
speed running the rap bullette the bills

*1-UP Claps*

Yeah Suckaaaa!

1-UP: Alright that was really good but that tells me... nothing... on how we are going to get out of here.
Oh there's a warp pipe let's go.


Mellllloooo! Thank goodness I found you, I've been stuck here all day and all Ill Gill wants to do is rap. Come on you gotta help me out dude.

2 Mello:

If I woke up in an 8 bit reality
I don't think it'd be that different
Catch me studyin replays when I should be studying to kung fu or DJ
Or something like a real person but more and more
I feel like I see a real life high score
And it's always gaining on me, what can I do
But now 1 up and my bruhs come through

If my life was a game I'd be owning em,
If it had a save file, I'd be cloning em
I'd do everything that I've wanted to
And it'd be clear cut as the sky I came through
To that world of joy and sharp edges
I remember and loved in my past and present
Yes! I'll be a happy resident, do you need more evidence?

Pixelated angels, tellin me to leave my things behind
i keep my goals but lose my heart and mind, they aren't clearly defined
I got way more than 8 bits that I'd gladly toss
Bits of flesh, bits of cloth, nothing less, nothing lost, believe it
Mello is a mad contender for a bad pretender at a normal life,
Normal speed, gimme that turbo you know its what I need and you know it's what I like
Peep the tech, believe the hype
Take the quest and leave the mic
Good and evil, dark and light
I grab the biggest sword and strike
Track Name: Mathematics
The mathematics so I guess they mathematical, These dudes are squares, so I kick a flow that has some radicals, with plenty theatricals like professor on sabbatical, and I mos definitely will make it classical

Lyrical content paired with fierce delivery, Will have the heads turning left to right now they cheering me
Don't quite have the volition for statisticians so you ran around dissin now you sittin around fishin
Well I'm just mathin around those are my nerd ways, I got smarter days and now I'm making word play
With sensitivity general relativity might want to tri- a different angle if you wanna see in me
But A you square, which means you B squared, can't trust your sight because that means you also C squared
Ya keep moving you try to stay kinetic, but you measure your potential energy it's still pathetic
No you think you're raging wild like a festival bull, but in my life you're air resistance boy negligible


When I see hot nerdy girl I think she's so fly Like an integrated (tan) and so I (cos)
Even though we're not massive I feel the gravitation between us I think that means should populate a nation
But sometimes I be spittin it, then she think that she be getting it, then it's killin it when she's as easy as constant derivatives
That's worth nothing to my mind and what I find is that's a sine to turn round 180 can't say that I didn't try
Sloppy when she drink, crawl around like a savage, she's on the floor bar's above her now she's pretty average
But she was never negative she's always full of resolute, how could I tell? She describe herself as absolute
Not the vodka, ages fine like a carbernet wine, and looking good too, curves like an integral sine

Track Name: Invincible (Ft Doug Funnie, PTP and Alpha Riff)
Doug Funnie :
The Incredible, untouchable, invincible, don’t touch me cause I’m on a roll
Luigi, seen on T.V., so believe there no Super Mario
I can help you out by (stomp, stomp, stomp) stomping them out
Simply what we talking about
And the same will happen if you were to just open your mouth
By something I usually do
And I can change it up give you a option or two
Couple of suits, a fire or two
Flying at you or we can always go back to the shoe, dude
Now I don’t know what to tell you man
When I’m flip, flying like superman
Epilepsy? Then you dying man
Now you got the answer like Who’s The Man?
Me! Luigi, A.K.A. DF
Don’t have to say who is the best
I’m rocking with the green but I Digress, Man
But have to say it again
With the All Bar Team we in it to win
We in the clear from beginning to end
You can come along, bring your family and friends

Alpha Riff:

All right, let me step in the game
Riff in the name
Fittin’ to aim
Heart on my sleeve again
Metaphoric strain with a rainbow stain You can call me invincible
At the start of the story I’m the primary principle So nice they took the name and named it twice Don’t need no suits when I come through
Just five yellow points will do, straight icey
Big Bow gonna bow when he see’s it’s a me
Yanking down them skull flags
Bullet Bills not stand a single chance, been passed
The untouchable, indestructible brother crew
Koop koop wanna do what we can do
Stand against us if you got something to prove
Out of the skillet, into the fire
Got the speed of a thousand flowers fired
Kids better run and duck for cover
Yo pops on that lonely island like a mother lover
MFer messed up when he messed with this peach lover Time to block break, grab a boot, shooting stars
Came so hard that I got banned in the birth land



Slow to catch on, man they syrup on my egos, got my star power on, I'm stackin these goombas like some legos
Don’t like it you can kiss on deeze, caz I'm nasty in your face, from all of mah other killing sprees
Kinda lil bit like the Xbox One, before you even started man you over and done
What they doin is they keep tryin, but the more lives they be buyin, the end’s always the same koopas sitting around and whining
Can’t hang with the crew, naw, dude you ain’t Mr Cooper, I’m a brother who likes Mario games and yes I’m super
Underworld, sky stage 64 Imma wreck it all, destroy Bowser in his own castle make him a wrecking ball
So much star power can’t hardly contain it, bustin out, like I was Nerd Life Entertainment
Like an outkast fresher and cleaner than all these other cats, I get flyer and meaner when I put on all of these other hats
Track Name: Corny Pickup Lines
Verse 1:

Our waiter I savored so I tried to bait her, maybe one day she will favor me and I just might date her
She may rub my pokeballs the wrong way and I’ll eradicate, I keep it straight though I can say I wanna play her patty cakes
You dropped something baby ain’t no need to fear, it was just the conversation I’ll pick it up from here
Forget these other lames and you’ll hurt no more, You must be google caz you have everything that I’m searchin for
Girl hold this shirt real quick I’m super cereal, You know what that’s made of? Yeah that’s boy friend material
I think she thinks I’m a player she thinks these all are big puns, I’m an average Joe I just crush a lot so now here come the big guns
Never had to stretch this far now I’m obtuse, the angle I get from you girl is really acute
If you got that it’s a sine (squared), so you should cosign (squared) and be done, caz we did that together girl we’d practically be one

Corrnnnnyyyyyyyy pickkkkk upppp lines
So many many many ladies, you all must be Jamaican caz you Jamaican me crazyyy
Corrnnnnyyyyyyyy pickkkkk upppp lines
Some lines work best, and some are the worst, but if you a booger girl you know I’d pick you first
Corrnnnnyyyyyyyy pickkkkk upppp lines
These other guys beneath you, it’s understood, but you must be Campbell’s caz you are mm mmm good
Corrnnnnyyyyyyyy pickkkkk upppp lines
My lines are ones that are not are allured, but it’s better to laugh than sit around and be bored

Verse 2:

Next week catch me at the gym leg day yeah I’m doin squats, next to me was this super hot girl you know I had to bop,
I runs, I runs some more just for fun, you must be a great baker because I really really like your buns
I told her, to one I could not be confined, my love for you is like divided by 0 – undefined
Why you hot and cold like Illinois weather? I’ll rearrange the alphabet put U and I together
Debugged like VBA – Clean… no need to be mean, But dang you have the nicest syntax I’ve ever seen
This ain’t a blizzard so please don’t bite, While I may not be DQ girl I’ll still treat you right
On to your beauty yeah it really blinds me, Who me? I’m Mr Right – I heard you were trynna find me
Got the phone out? alright alright alrighttt, they call me 1-UP but girl you can call me tonight


Don’t you ever get tired of using like… regular old pick up lines?
Well… for 4 easy payments of 9.99, you can have access to 1-UP’s wonderful Corny Pick Up line book.

Works 60% of the time… every time.